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The birthplace of big time snowmobile racing and at the core of 25 years of progress and change in the sport, the Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby personifies the thrills and excitement of speed on ice and Of Ice & Engines is the spellbinding history of that famous track in words and pictures by C.J. Ramstad and Dan Satran.

A classic snowmobile tale completely illustrated with over 300 color and black & white photographs, Of Ice & Engines details the racing, the machines and the storied drivers of oval track racing from the days of 8-horsepower putt-putts to the roaring 100+ MPH twin-tracked specials on the slick, banked ice oval. A story of triumph and excitement, this detailed and profusely illustrated book is a must-have for every snowmobiler and every racing fan.

“Snowmobiling’s great historian C.J. Ramstad has put together what is surely the finest book on snowmobile racing ever written. Working with noted Eagle River photographer and journalist Dan Satran, Ramstad has created a snowmobile photographic history masterpiece”

-About Books

The golden age of snowmobile racing comes alive on the pages of Of Ice & Engines in words and pictures detailing the spectacular first quarter century of the Eagle River Derby.”

– Sledder Magazine

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