Editor’s Notebook Setting Our Sights on the Future With summer drawing to a close and clubs gearing up, it’s a busy and exciting time for everyone. Haydays Grass Drags & Swap Meet is just around the corner and will be followed closely by the Trailmates Grass Drags & Swap Meet in Wausau, the Milwaukee Snow Show and a multitude of smaller club events throughout the state. What an invigorating time of year it is for snowmobilers! It is also time to be thinking about the AWSC Workshops, this year being held at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells. It’s been a very long time since Workshop has been held somewhere other than Stevens Point, but it became evident in recent years that the association has outgrown the facilities available to them there and a more suitable location was needed. That’s easier said than done when you are trying to host up to 1,000 people of all ages and provide enough rooms for everyone, space for large meetings, small seminars, hospitality rooms, banquets and dances, secure rooms for auction items and to provide entertainment for all ages. Chula Vista should definitely fill that order, with room enough for everyone plus the availability of the water park on site making it especially appealing to families with kids. And that is where my biggest hopes lay – families bringing their kids and helping them become acquainted with other young snowmobilers whose families are actively involved in our snowmobile program. In recent years, the AWSC has received international attention for the KAOS (Kids and Adults on Snowmobiles) youth program, and for very good reason. Our Youth Reps and Advisors have proven time and again that they have what it takes to be our future leaders, including motivating young members in Wisconsin and throughout the U.S. and Canada to create their own youth programs. Yet, there is still room for growth and improvement. If you look at the bottom of the Officers, Directors & Reps listing on page 10, you will find the listing of our current county Youth Reps. Is your county represented on that list? If not, I ask that you make it a top priority in the months ahead to find a young person who shows an interest in actively participating in the club, then encourage them to come to Workshop and meet with the other youth in KAOS. They may feel awkward at first because they don’t know anyone there but, I guarantee, by the end of the weekend they will have a new circle of friends who share the love of snowmobiling and a dedication to making the sport even better through their club membership. Even if your county’s youth chooses not to become a county youth rep this year, they will likely be inspired to help motivate the young people in your club to get more involved. Snowmobiling wins either way! As we set our sights on the season ahead, let’s also remember to keep the bigger picture in view… that picture is of our future, and who will be responsible for that future. 4 WSN - www.awsc.org