IEVACCNTG ER N S I O IA EXP KAOS IN NO on the trails. Experiencing lob ster for the tler t & Alexus Bu By Tyler Hund Video Mike interv iewed us while out I n February, we were invited to travel to Nova Scotia, accompanied by AWSC Youth Chair Mary Holden, to encourage more youth to get involved in the Nova Scotia Snowmobile Association. We would be talking to adults and kids who want a youth program. Our hosts from Nova Scotia – Stan Slack, Marsha Eddy, and Carole Fisher – made us feel at home. Not only did they want to involve us in teaching and talking to their youth, but also wanted us to experience Nova Scotia. Our first day in Nova Scotia was spent seeing the sights. It was raining and all the snow was melting so we were getting a little concerned that we wouldn’t get to ride the trails during our visit, but we went on our way with Marsha and Carole to explore the countryside. They took us to Peggy’s Cove, where we both saw the Atlantic Ocean for the very first time. Marsha and Carole really wanted to give us the true Nova Scotia experience, which included some of the freshest lobster available. Neither of us had ever had lobster before so cracking into them was quite entertaining! We then went on to learn more about Nova Scotia and visit a few little marts on the way back to Truro, where we were staying. We quickly learned about some of the most unique parts of Nova Scotia. Did you know there is a bay in Nova Scotia that was nominated for one of the Seven Wonders of the World? Every 12 hours the water completely leaves the bay and then returns. They even have a race across the bottom of the ocean floor while the tide is out. After our adventures that day, it was time to go back to the hotel and rest up for the next eventful day. What a busy day they had planned for us! We set off from Marsha’s house with Stan, president of the Nova Scotia Snowmobile Association, Marsha, and Video Mike from SnowTrails TV. It wasn’t long before we made it to the trail and pulled over to start taping a segment with Video Mike. We were able to ride a variety of sleds throughout the day and stopped at some of their local clubhouses along the way to meet with club members and to see where clubs meet. After an first time at Pegg y’s Cove. This is an inters ection on the be autiful Fundy tra il system. amazing day on the trails and exploring more of Nova Scotia, we made our way to a Valentine’s Day dinner hosted by a local snowmobile club as a club fundraiser. We were happy to be able to be there and support them, and there was some pretty incredible food! The next day was the day of truth – where we made our presentation to try to get a youth club in the area. We went to the business where they had a room set aside for us to talk but, as we were getting everything set up and people started showing up, we soon realized we were quickly running out of space. In order to fit everyone, we had to move to a local clubhouse. Almost 30 young snowmobilers showed up with the desire to learn more about a youth program! During our presentation about what we do here in Wisconsin, we broke up some of the program with fun games that many of you know about… including butt darts. The youth loved the games and really grew to the idea of starting a youth club. By the end of our meeting, they decided YES! This is what we want to do. They wanted a chance to get together, ride together, and learn together. They appointed a youth rep on their own to take the lead and start planning future events with some of the kids. With business out of the way, it was time to have some fun! We took off with about 25 sleds with kids of all ages. Our leader was Jed, a 12 year old – yes, 12 year old – snowmobile enthusiast. He was one of the best leaders we have ever had on the trails. He knew exactly where he was going, kept track of his group, and was safe on the trails. It was extremely impressive, especially since we were riding through a blizzard! We are both extremely grateful for all of the experiences we were able to take part in while in Nova Scotia and are even more thankful for the hospitality of those who hosted us. Since we left Nova Scotia, the group has been meeting and planning 16 WSN -