RF DESS Key Ski-Doo has always been the brand to take technology to another level. Such is the case when they first introduced their Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS) tether/key several years ago. Now they’ve improved upon that digital coded key idea with a magnetic version that transmits a low power Radio Frequency (RF) versus the physical contact method previously employed. This should eliminate the wiggle and push sometimes needed with the previous system to ensure positive contact. Each DESS RF Key is coded to the specific ECU of that particular sled for security. FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL RC We love the fact that select manufacturers have completely embraced the air shock technology from Fox Racing Shox. While it was less than perfect early on, we can’t say enough good things about these lightweight and extremely effective shocks of recent tune. For 2015, Yamaha has stepped it up even further with high-end FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL RC shocks found on their limited edition SRViper R-TX LE model. While a naming mouthful, these dual air chamber shocks feature high-speed rebound and both high and low speed compression adjustments along with the easy to use air pump to adjust spring rates. C-TEC2 Engine Here’s another example of notspanking-new technology that is frankly too good not to mention again. Introduced last year in limited quantities in very limited models, Arctic Cat’s C-TEC2 600 engine broke the mold for clean engine designs with an ingenious and somewhat simple idea. While the competition was busy building complex, expensive, clean engine technology, the C-TEC2 came up with a new twist in the form of a slotted piston to create a dual-stage injection process. Along with a new electronic oil pump, the new engine exceeds emission requirements and comes close to four-stroke and direct injection fuel economy numbers. LCD Gauge It seems an all-new chassis, rear suspension and 800 Liberty motor wasn’t enough for Polaris engineers when they set about creating the new AXYS platform models. Another hightech feature found on the bold new ride is a new full-color LCD gauge. Most new car owners will be familiar with the bright, bold, do-anything gauges, and it should be a muchwelcomed addition to the sledder crowd as well. The new gauge gets even better in limited 60th anniversary models with built-in GPS and Bluetooth technology that can synch with a Smartphone. – SKI-DOO Pro XC Suspension With an all-new chassis and all-new motor, one would think the chatter about the Polaris AXYS platform models would be squarely focused on these bigticket items. However, it's the new Pro-XC suspension that really caught our attention this past spring. The improvements over the Pro-Ride design are many including less weight, a new cast rear torque arm, new geometry and longer front torque arm. The result is a much-improved ride that requires far less adjustments and remains flatter in the corners and smoothes the stutter bumps far better than the often-maligned Pro-Ride suspension. Pro-Touring Chassis Arctic Cat has always been revered for its expertise in designing and delivering some of the most adept and loved touring snowmobiles in the history of the sport. With touring roots tracing all the way back to the original mid-70s Pantera, the 2015 touring sled of the same name represents the next iteration of the ProCross and ProClimb chassis designs. Aptly named the Pro-Touring chassis, the riderfocused design for both driver and passenger features what Cat describes as a “natural” riding position with big comfort, versatility and premium features. Deep Keel Tuner Skis Few skis have probably been talked about or praised more for their light steering and minimal darting attributes than Yamaha’s Tuner Ski. Perhaps it’s because this simple ski did more to improve the handling of Yamaha sleds in recent years than other more significant updates. Now the Tuner gets even better with a 5mm deeper keel, a steeper keel angle, and an elevated spindle mounting location that should further improve bite. This Viper only Tuner will be found on all new SRViper models save the mountainfocused sleds for 2015. ACE Finger Throttle While not bursting with technology on its own, the new ACE Finger Throttle design is able to deliver either traditional thumb operation, or with a 90-degree twist, watercraft-style finger pull thanks in large part to the throttle by wire technology associated with ACE. With no cables to pull or twist, the electronic throttle control can be positioned virtually any way you like and still deliver effortless throttle control. Ski-Doo is banking the idea will provide relief to riders who experience thumb fatigue with traditional throttle designs. September 2014 – POLARIS – YAMAHA – ARCTIC CAT – ARCTIC CAT – YAMAHA – POLARIS – SKI-DOO 13