July 10-12, 2015 • Thumper Pond - Ottertail, MN MNUSA CAMPOUT MnUSA PRESIDENT Creative Summer Ideas The good news is summer is more than half over, and December 1st Trail Opening is only five-and-ahalf months away. Yes it’s hard to think snow and snowmobiling when it’s 80 degrees outside, but it’s time to get working on our upcoming season. Summer Campout will be held soon after you read this magazine, and included in this issue will TERRY be everything you need to plan snowmobile-related HUTCHINSON summertime fun. We have had two very successful MnUSA meetings, and getting our committee chairs and committees working to move MnUSA forward has been a wonderful thing to watch. Getting more people working on the future of MnUSA is a huge benefit to all of our members. New ideas are coming out and being moved forward during our committee meetings. The goal to get MnUSA’s membership back to what it was 10 years ago is a very large target. Thank you to all of you now working on the various committees. Please consider becoming a volunteer on one of our committees as everyone’s new ideas are needed and welcome. Can’t Join us For a Fun Weekend at Campout But Want To attend The Board and General Meetings Saturday ... There Is no Charge For attending! • Lodging Accommodations/Camping are separate from Registration! • Walk-Ins are not guaranteed food and prizes! • Everything Is Walking Distance Apart ... Hotel and Campsites! • Pool Passes Included! • Fun For Everyone! • Discounted Golf Packages with Cart ... 9-Holes $26 & 18 Holes $45 ... Group of 4! Name(s) _________________________________________ Address __________________________________________ City ________________________State_______Zip________ Phone ______________________Email_________________ Early Bird: #Adults_________________________@ $50 $___________ Youth 11-15 _____________________@ $20 $___________ Children (10 and under)_____________@ $10 $___________ Total Enclosed $ ___________ How would you like to receive confirmation of registration by ____text or ____email? Add $10 to each registration after June 15, 2015 Registrations are transferable but non-refundable! Don’t forget to include confirmation registration by email or text. MnUSA Region 9 Campout 2015 Mail registrations to: MnUSA Region 9 c/o Steve “Woody” Widness 43390 220th St. Clitherall, MN 56524 Questions: Contact Woody or Janet at 218-769-4243 or jwstulk@prtel.com CAMPOUT REGISTRATION “Getting more people working on the future of MnUSA is a huge benefit to all of our members.” Membership continues to be one of our biggest projects, and I would like to share with you a couple of ideas Region 8 has come up with to increase membership. We decided that going to the same snowmobile events every year selling MnUSA and memberships is still yielding the same results. These events are great, but we need to think outside the box and reach out to the snowmobilers who don’t come to these type of events. We have been invited to the Home Improvement & Design Expo being held October 16-17 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We have been asked to do a “show within a show” to promote and sell products including MnUSA memberships and snowmobiles. We have all four manufacturers represented by dealers in our region as we will have a large space to fill. The event promoter wants things like snowmobiling to draw more people to their show, and we’re looking to make contact with snowmobilers who don’t come to snowmobiling-only events. The second event Region 8 is doing is Farm Fest being held August 4-6 near Morgan, Minnesota. One of the MnUSA dealer members has offered us space within their display to set up our membership booth. Hopefully we’ll get some good one-on-one time with another group of snowmobilers that don’t know what MnUSA is and aren’t current members. In closing, I’m asking all of you to think about these and any other type of non-snowmobiling events being held in your regions and get set up to become a part of them. Then contact Dean Thompson or Nancy Hanson at the MnUSA office (page 7) to get one of our membership booths reserved for your event. Let’s get out there and bring in some new members. Let’s get MnUSA to be a part of all snowmobilers’ lives. It’s time to recruit some replacements for ourselves as we all continue to age. Make checks payable to: 4 Minnesota Snowmobiling