Covering it All in Niagara Falls International Snowmobile Congress 2015 This June 10-13 snowmobilers from all over the world made their way to the 47th Annual International Snowmobile Congress, which took place this year in Niagara Falls, New York. All the movers and shakers in the snowmobile world attend this event, including several Minnesota representatives. Pop into a meeting or stroll through the hall and you’ll hear discussion on topics such as legislation, special projects, regional issues, national networking, best practices and so much more. The result is an exchange of ideas, advice and support that all have one common goal: the continued advancement of snowmobiling. ISC highlights likely to spark the Minnesota snowmobiler’s interest include: • Despite earning his fame through his career as a professional snocross racer and X Games medalist, Longville, Minnesota’s own Levi LaVallee proved that he clearly understands the importance of organized snowmobiling and shared ideas on how to keep it strong. As a featured speaker, LaVallee suggested that rather than trying to compete with social media, utilize it. In doing so, you’ll reach the younger generation and can also promote our sport to those who enjoy other outdoor recreations. Confirmed by nods around the room, he shared his belief that culminating new interest in snowmobiling simply comes down • • to whether or not someone has tried it. MnUSA representative Jerry Hanson introduced an exciting opportunity to increase membership and spread the good word about snowmobile clubs. For a minimal fee clubs can get their club name and contact information published in a list in SnowGoer magazine, opposite an editorial piece that speaks to the benefits of belonging to a club. All reservations and payments are due to Jerry Hanson by August 10, 2015. Contact him at hansonjn@ for more information. Duluth Lawn & Sport was named Dealer of the Year by the American Council of Snowmobile Associations. Pete Gassert, owner of the Duluth, Minnesota dealership accepted the award, which recognizes dealers who continuously work towards the betterment of snowmobiling. Duluth Lawn & Sport paid for 58 MnUSA memberships last year, in addition to providing snowmobiles and equipment to the Black Woods Blizzard Tour fundraiser ride, MnUSA veterans ride, and local youth safety education classes. During the ACSA Midwest Chapter meeting, MnUSA past president Greg Sorenson was applauded for his work and fundraising efforts with the Black Woods Blizzard Tour. Raising more than $862,000 for the ALS Association at this year’s ride alone, the tour is recognized as the world’s largest snowmobile fundrais- • Days are packed full of meetings and activities at International Snowmobile Congress. Pete Gassert, center, accepts his ACSA Dealer of the Year award. Awesome t-shirt, awesome message. Levi gets it! Many meetings at ISC stay on track with Robert’s Rules of Order. MnUSA President Terry Hutchinson and Past President Greg Sorenson are staying on task. 22 Minnesota Snowmobiling