Arielle Courtney of the DNR solicited ideas as to how to make the DNR’s website work for snowmobilers. ADVANTAGE: YOU MnUSA President Terry Hutchinson led the board of directors meeting on Sunday. Region directors voted on motions brought before them, including many action items suggested by committees. Major Roger Tietz gave an update on the DNR’s enforcement actions this past winter. There were 55 snowmobile accidents reported and four fatalities. Today, you need every advantage you can get. You can get that edge simply by becoming a member of the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MnUSA). For a $20 annual individual/family membership you will join thousands of others who are making a difference while getting exclusive membership benefits. In addition to being a part of MnUSA, your membership benefits include: - 8 Issues of Minnesota Snowmobiling Magazine - Member-Only Discounts - Member-Only Year-Round Activities - Legislative Alerts and Representation - Touring and Trail Information PROTECT YOUR TRAILS To join MnUSA today, log onto or complete the form below. • • • • Several DNR representatives addressed the group, including Arielle Courtney, Laura Preus, Kim Lockwood and Major Roger Tietz. A poor snow year often means a decrease in snowmobile registrations — which is true for last season, said DNR Parks and Trails Planning Manager Laura Preus. Renewals are down by half, she said. Registration fees help fund the DNR’s snowmobile budget. While there are funds to deal with the affects of a bad snow year, another bad snow year could be a problem for the snowmobile account, she said. Clubs that have problems with the DNR’s plastic signage should contact the DNR for aluminum replacements. The DNR is updating its website. Arielle Courtney of the DNR asked those at the meeting for suggestions on how to make the website a better tool for snowmobilers. Send me info on clubs in the city of ______________________________ * MNUSA membership is not tax deductible. Name:__________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________ City:____________________Coutny:_________________________ State:____________________Zip:____________________________ Home Phone:____________________________________________ Club (if a member)_______________________________________ # of Sleds_________# in Family________# yrs riding___________ _____Individual/Family Membership - $20 yr _____Business member - $50 yr _____Extra Miler - $20 yr / + $30 donation = $50 yr _____New Member _____Renewal ID #_______________________________________ 763-577-0185 HERE’s MY $20. I WANT TO HELP KEEP MINNESOTA SNOWMOBILING STRONG! (Includes a $12 subscription to Minnesota Snowmobiling magazine) Mail to: 7040 Lakeland Ave. North - Suite 212 Brooklyn Park - MN 55428 Summer 2015 21