MnUSA’s annual Spring Meeting was a trifecta of accomplishment: committee meetings, a general meeting and a board of directors meeting. It was interspersed with networking and sharing information. This year’s meeting took place in Brainerd on April 25-26. Throughout the day, MnUSA members approved budgets, received updates, discussed new ideas, and learned about upcoming plans from the Minnesota DNR. Committees met again at the Spring Meeting, and made recommendations for action. All members of MnUSA are encouraged to volunteer for a committee. Committee contacts are on page 7. Membership Committee Highlights: The committee suggested an increase in dues to $25 for individual non-club members and $75 for basic business memberships. This was approved by a majority vote, with Regions 4 and 8 voting against the motion. The committee will also begin to target vintage and classic snowmobile owners as potential MnUSA members. Charity Committee Highlights: This year’s scholarship awards will be enhanced by an extra $1,500 donation in memory of Jackie Johnson of the Nicollet County Trails Association. The Jackie Johnson Scholarship will be in addition to the five $500 MnUSA scholarships in 2015. In future years, the breakdown will be four MnUSA scholarships with values of $1,500, $1,000, $750 and $250. And stay tuned: there will be an upcoming Club of the Year award program. Publication Committee Highlights: MSPN, the current publisher of Minnesota Snowmobiling, received a three-year renewal on its contract. Legislative/Trails Committee Highlights: The committee talked about pending legislation, suggested where MnUSA should stand on certain issues and let the board decide if MnUSA agreed. The board agreed to stand against HF1329, which pertains to penalties of a title if it is not transferred in 15 days. However, the recommendation to support an increase in gas tax was tabled by the board. The board asked for more information on the bill regarding whether licensing for 120cc sleds was necessary. The board also agreed that any funding cut to the Snowmobile Trail and Enforcement Fund be shared in equal percentages across all recipient groups. A full legislative update will be in the September issue of Minnesota Snowmobiling. Safety Committee Highlights: Plan to see snowmobile safety billboards again this winter. The committee will solicit funds from the Minnesota Snowmobile Education and Advancement Fund for this purpose. 20 Minnesota Snowmobiling The meeting in April took a turn toward taxes. Chris Ford, an accountant from Brainerd, talked to the group about what clubs need to do to be on the good side of the IRS. Committee breakout sessions got attendees focused and action-oriented, as many budgets and plans were proposed to the board of directors. Site Selection Committee Highlights: The committee has recommended a change in the date of Winter Rendezvous from the second weekend in February for the years when that date falls on Presidents Day weekend. The MnUSA membership will vote on this by-law change in October at the MnUSA Annual Meeting. Merchandise Committee Highlights: MnUSA logo items now come from a new supplier. To order items such as dufflebags, hats or shirts, go to and click on “MnUSA Store.”