George Radke ATVAM President Be All That You Can Be Who is going to be our next President, 1stVice President,Treasurer or Secretary? Right now your guess is as good as mine. I really hate to be a naysayer but I really need some help here. Don’t get me wrong: the volunteers that we have in these positions are all doing a great job. I know that I have not thanked them enough for their help and support. But it’s time for some new leadership and new ideas. There is nothing wrong with what we are doing but I think as an organization we could be better. Yes, we are keeping the howling wolves at bay. We are making sure our dedicated accounts for Grant-in-Aid trails and Safety Training that the DNR maintain are intact.There is new legislation to be passed to help make our recreation and use of ATVs easier, safe, responsible and hopefully fun. But, like any organization, we still need to strive to improve. I’ve been thinking a lot about those who will lead ATVAM in the future. Will they have the drive and passion for ATVing to stay in the mix and fight the fight? Will they be able to work with a bunch of “A” personalities and keep the peace? Will they listen to the membership and the board members? Can they communicate and get a point across? Are they tech savvy if need be? Can they deal with the politics of the organization, DNR, legislature, other motorized organizations or the antis? Do you know someone who could be on this team? Is it you? Being the President of a non-profit organization like ATVAM is a big job but it has been very rewarding to me. I enjoy seeing others enjoy ATVing as a recreation. But, to be honest, I volunteer for me and my family. I like to give back and do my part. I’m an ATV enthusiast. My ATV gives me a thrill, relaxes me and entertains me with the scenery. It brings my family and friends together with our common interests. It gets me where I want to go and sometime it gets me places I could not have gotten to any other way. I do not believe I could enjoy ATVing as an enthusiast if it were not for the past and present ATVAM leadership. You may wonder how you could help. I have list. At the top of the list is a need for people dedicated to increasing membership.There are many pieces to it from marketing to administration. ATVAM is a member-based organization and without membership we have no ATVAM. Also on the list is a need for leadership to take us into the future, as I will transition from president to director-at-large in the fall of 2016. I want to make sure that I can keep riding as an enthusiast. We also need people to work to develop new trails; encourage club membership; and form new clubs. Clubs are our trail builders. As summer ramps up, don’t forget to check out the calendar of events (page 22). Events include the Free Wheelin’Weekend from June 5-7; Minnesota National Trails Day on June 6; Minnesota ATV Safety Week starting June 6; Quadna Mud Nationals from June 12-14; and the ATVAM Fall Ride & Rally from Sept. 25–27; and more. Ride Smart, Ride Safe! OR 4 MINNESOTA OFFROAD