DREAM WHEELING ROADTRIP Monday found us at some of Moab’s most famous trails, Hell’s Revenge. This trail has great scenery, especially from the overlook above the Colorado River, just prior to hitting Hell’s Gate. This was an interesting obstacle, as it is easy to get offline and things can go awry fast. The group made it up with very little flash, making it look like we all knew what we were doing. The next day we prepared for some fun on Behind the Rocks. Overall, this trail is scenic with some obstacles that can be bypassed by the faint of heart. We had a tendency to not bypass most of them. The scenic highlight of the day was photos taken at Balcony Arch. The obstacle highlight had to be White Knuckle Hill. The trail could definitely be a little better marked, as we missed a turn and ended up being on the trail until after dark, getting back to the condo roughly 12 hours after we left. Wednesday morning had some of the spouses of the female persuasion saying that they would stay back, looking to recuperate some frazzled nerves from the night before. The rest of us took off, heading to Poison Spider Mesa, looking to get to another famous trail landmark known as Golden Crack. After a few issues on the trail, we finally made it to our destination. It was shortly after this that I broke an axle in my D35. We decided to leave my TJ on the trail for the night since it was already getting late — once again we were making our way out of the trails in the dark. This time it was going on 1 a.m. by the time we got to the staging area. After getting some sleep we headed back out to do the repairs so that we could get my Jeep back to a trailer. We had to pick our way through three official groups on the trail to finally get out to it but after 1.5 hours we had the axle changed, broken parts removed from the diff and brakes bled. We made it out and got everything packed up. As we left, the excitement was already building for our return next year for the 50th Annual Easter Jeep Safari.OR Brian Gardiner is secretary of the North Star Jeep club and lives in Waconia. 18 MINNESOTA OFFROAD