Kolpin Dix-C Plow System $575 (52-inch blade) $690 (60-inch blade) The Dix-C all-season plow mounts to most ATV frames on 2002 or more current models.The kit includes: the mount, the Dix-C forward all season push frame, a 52- or 60-inch blade; a double-sided wearbar; a five-position right/left blade angle and dual trip springs and height adjustable HD skid shoes. Winch or electric lift required, but not included. Contact: www.kolpinpowersports.com Moose Utilities V-Blades $267 The V-blade has the power to make multiple angles for a custom plow job.The right and left plow blade are indepdently controlled, with a total forward-to-back swing of 60 degrees per side. It operates electronically via a hand-held control, and there’s hydraulic overload protection to prevent cylinder damage. A winch is required to raise or lower the blade. The blade is 17 inches tall. Contact: www.mooseutilities.com OR Cities Edge Motorsports Shakopee 952-224-2054 www.citiesedge.com Bristow’s Kawasaki Northway Sports St. Boni Motorsports & Polaris East Bethel St. Bonifacius St. Cloud 763-413-8988 952-446-1554 320-253-7878 www.northwaysports.com www.stbonimotorsports.com www.bristowinc.com DECEMBER 2012/JANUARY 2013 11