WARN ProVantage Tapered Plow Blade for ATVs $348 (54-inch blade) $406 (60-inch blade) Tapered design with aggressively curved profile — and a low-friction powder coating — flips snow away with minimal sticking.The steepangled wearbar provides maximum surface scraping. Made from thick, 11-gauge steel with extra-heavy ribbing for added rigidity. Boxed design adds further support. Contact: www.warn.com Moose Utilities RM4 ATV Frame $315 Mount your blade with the RM4 ATV Frame, which can fit various Arctic Cat, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha models. It mounts to the front using a receiver-style hitch and a special kickstand keeps things at the right height when hooking up. Its triangulated front-mount push tube distributes the plowing force over a wider area for maximum strength and stability. It can lift up to 30 inches off the ground and is designed to work with all Moose Utility Straight or County Blades up to 60 inches. Contact: www.mooseutilities.com Cities Edge Motorsports Shakopee - 952-224-2054 www.citiesedge.com Sette Sports Center Owatonna - 507-451-6922 www.settesportscenter.com Tousley Motorsports White Bear Lake - 800-TOUSLEY www.tousleymotorsports.com 10 MINNESOTA OFFROAD