ROCKY BORDER ICE [ Voyageurs ] SELFIE SPOT KETTLE FALLS It’s not too often that one can look south into Canada, but it’s possible at Kettle Falls within Voyageur’s National Park. This unique area is only accessable by boat in the summer, and by snowmobile in the winter. While you’re there, take a ride up to the Kettle Falls Motel. This outpost is no longer open in the winter, but it oozes history even from the outside. (Photo by Dan Vertina/Ash River Kabetogama Snowm obile Club) TAKE NOTE: • Speed limits in Voyageurs are a bit lower than elsewhere in the state: 45 mph on lakes, 25 mph on portages • You can see Canada from here, and some area trails cross the border into Ontario. Pack a passport and the required permits to enjoy those trails • Laketop trails are marked by colorcoded, reflective stakes that get pulled when the ice thins out. Remember, no ice is ever considered 100 percent safe. There are plenty of great land trails in the area, so choose wisely as spring approaches. TRIP PLANNER Ash River Trail Crane Lake Visitors & Tourism Bureau 800-362-7405 International Falls & Rainy Lake CVB 800-325-5766 Kabetogama Lake Association & Tourism 844-525-3522 Orr CVB and Chamber 800-777-4690 (Photo by Dan Vertina/Ash River Kabetogama Snowmobile Club) 14 Minnesota Snowmobiling Destinations