Rainy Lake Sand Falls West Trail RANIER State Hwy. 332 PK a Tr il Bay 11 State Hwy. Trail Legend 5.3 M iles Co un Rainy Lake Rainy Lake Rain Shelter y Lak e Tr ail Main Trail ty Visitor Center Unsafe Ice Voyageurs National Park ck Ba yt oK Rd .9 6 Bla INTERNATIONAL FALLS Hw ys 1& .1 71 Mil es County Hwy. 24 Scenic Fam U.T. 8 Miles ily Loop 4.7 VOYAGEURS Rat Root River ett le Fa lls 28 Slatinski Trail 8 Miles .2 Mile St s e at Mil Chain es of La e3 kes Tr il Tra an rm ge Ha ail 13 rad xG ate Hwy. 11 Mil es County Rd. 79 County Hwy. 10 U.T. 191 U.T. 189 Arrowhead Trail 7.5 Miles es U KABETOGAMA .S .H County to ga Mil County Hwy. 9 e3 .5 w y. 5 Gr ad 3 Peterson Bay Trail ke Vo y Voyag Ke ttl Rd. 332 La e al m a F ls Trail 7.4 2.7 Voya County Rd. 97 ERICSBURG Rat Root Lake 3K Trail geu Pelland - Birchdale Connection 38 Miles Blu r Trai eO l 3.5 .2 Mile s Ka be NATIONAL County Rd. 100 Rudder Bay Trail County Hwy. 122 53 RAY County Hwy. 217 County Hwy. 3 Voyageur Trail 7 Miles ag Ox Blu e eu Namakan Lake rT ra il 3 Mil es 4.5 Miles To Atikokan Ontario Canada 70 miles Loop makan East Na ile s 2.8 M Ray Ac cess Spur 6 Mile s Woody's Trail Voyageur T rai . Rd. eurs N.P l — e an Cr U.T. 164 U.T. 156 U.T. 174 County Hwy. 99 County Hwy. 29 County Hwy. 1 53 Tone Dawg Trail Mad Trapper Trail A Galvin Rd. County Hwy. 217 County Hwy. 78 LITTLEFORK U.T. 99 Bill Morgan le Koh Tra il M 11.6 s ile SH R IV State Hwy. 65 Ash River Trail County Rd 129 Ash River ER As h PARK Spring Lake Little Trout Lake La t ke As o 5.5 Mi h Ri y Hwy. 77 County Hwy. 77 Coun ty Rd . 76 East Ri ve r Little Johnson Lake ve Sand Point Lake rT ra i l2 8M il es les d. it R rP to Gallagher Rd. County Hwy. 73 Hoffm he w ro Ar an R d. Johnson Lake Mukooda Lake Cra iver to hR As k 11.3 Lin ad Deer River Line 20 .1 Wisner Rd. County Hwy. 72 U.T. 145 Cingmars Cut Across Rd. Bud ris Rd. M Joh ile s nso 53 nF arm ad e d. Rd. nd ich R Ox County Rd. 71 County Hwy. 8 le Rd. Nine Mi 9 Mi les Keys Gr Rd. Sh ee pR an c d hR . Long Lake ne U.T. 141 County Rd. 70 Lin Arrowh k La k eT ra il 2 2.1 Ar Mil ro es wh ea dL ink to C ran Vermilion River Blu e Bio CRANE LAKE Little Vermilion Lk ea d Sh ee p Ra nc h Rd . Forest Rd. 203 Fawn Cre ek Rd. eL ak e 1 0 .8 Ash Lake Rd. Forest Rd. 49 1 Ash Lake Black Duck Lake U.T. 85 County Hwy. 31 Nett River Elephant Lake Forest Rd. 601 Forest 1 Rd. 60 Buy ck to a ne L Cra ke 14 . Echo Lake Swan Lake Rd. d. Wood Duck Trail Ditch 7 Rd. Little Fork River County Hwy. 116 Echo Miles 2 ine R nL Arro r8 d. Nett Lake Sp u Fo re st ail R Kjostad Lake bar Tr or ne yck 1 rN Li 0M Rd th les Orr/B uyc k/ iles Mil Nett Ri ver Rd es 53 . Rd .6 03 ke e La an Cr To w BUYCK . Tra il Lum Mars To w er R d. Pelican Lake County Rd. 677 ORR County Hwy. 23 Orr nty Cou Hwy. 23 Tr ad whe Arro ai lt o hall Tow Bu County Rd. 522 n Or Ben Lake Winchester Lake Sou th S pur 9M iles Elbow Lake County Rd. 472 County Rd. 19 County Rd. 956 County Rd. 497 53 County Hwy. 74 u Co nty Rd . 905 Susan Lake Hoodoo Lake County Rd. 55 County Rd. 57 County Hwy. 75 nty Hwy. 5 To Cook Lake Vermilion C ou nt y w H 2 y. 4 N County Hwy. 24 Ha ne y Rd . Arrowhead Trail 25.8 Miles Los t Riv er R d. County Rd. 356 County Trail Riv er R oad Hwy. 24 d ea wh 7. ail Tr Pe lic an Riv er i 3M Picket Lake Moose Lake Myrtle Lake County Hwy. 119 Winter 2017-18 13