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ATVentures 2016
Badoura- Limited
Battleground- Closed
Bear Island- Limited
Beltrami Island- Managed
Big Fork- Managed
Birch Lakes- Closed
Blackduck- Managed
Bowstring- Limited
Buena Vista - Closed/Limited
Burntside- Limited
Chengwanta- Limited
Cloquet Valley- Closed/Limited/Managed
Crow Wing- Limited
D.A.R.- Limited
Emily- Limited
Finland- Closed/Limited/Managed
Fond du Lac - Limited
Foot Hills - Limited
General C.C. Andrews - Limited
George Washington- Closed/Limited/Managed
Golden Anniversary - Limited
Grand Portage - Limited/Managed
Hill River- Limited
Huntersville - Limited
Insula Lake- Closed
Kabetogama- Managed
Koochiching- Managed
Lake Isabella- Closed
Lake Jeanette - Limited
Lake of the Woods- Managed
Land O'Lakes - Limited
Lost River- Managed
Lyons - Limited
Mississippi Headwaters- Limited
Nemadji - Limited
Northwest Angle- Managed
Pat Bayle - Limited
Paul Bunyan - Limited
Pillsbury- Closed
Pine Island-Managed
RJD Memorial Hardwood - Limited
Red Lake - Managed
Remer - Limited
Rum River - Limited
Sand Dunes- Closed
Savanna - Limited
Smokey Bear- Managed
Smoky Hills - Limited
Snake River- Closed/Limited
Solana - Limited
St. Croix - Limited
Sturgeon River- Closed/Limited/Managed
Two Inlets - Limited
Waukenabo - Limited
Wealthwood - Limited
Welsh Lake- Closed
White Earth - Limited
Whiteface River- Closed
Safety training is mandatory for anyone born after July 1, 1987. Those 16 and
older can complete an online safety class. Youth age 11 to 16 must complete both
an online course and hands-on safety. For more information, go to www.dnr.state.
Off-Highway Motorcycle
OHM drivers under 16 years old are required to have an OHM Certificate
to operate on public lands, frozen waters, and state or Grant-in-Aid trails in
Minnesota. Students 11 and older can earn the certificate through an online safety
course. Students 10 and under need to complete a special DNR Safety CD course.
For more information, go to
Off-Road Vehicle
ORVs may not be operated by anyone under age 16. An ORV environmental and
safety training course is available on CD for persons 16 or older. The course covers
ORV familiarization, operation procedures, laws, towing procedures, ethics, safety
hazards and environmental considerations. For a CD, contact the DNR Information
Center at 1-888-646-6367 or 651-296-6157.
A trail pass is required for all non-Minnesota residents with vehicles registered in
another state. The trail pass grants access to Minnesota's state or Grant-in-Aid trails.
Trail passes are not required if the machine is limited to riding on property owned by the
machine owner, spouse, child or parent.
Non-resident passes may be purchased by phone, online or in-person. For 2016, the
fees are $21 for an annual pass. Offroad vehicles (trucks) have the option of a three-year
pass for $31. Some processing fees may apply, and duplicate passes are available.
Ways to purchase:
Online at
By phone at 888-665-4236
In person at the DNR central office, or at any place that sells DNR licenses
(including many convenience stores).
Off-highway vehicles (ORV) belonging to Minnesota residents must be registered with the DNR
to operate in Minnesota, with very few exceptions. This includes ORVs licensed for highway use,
such as motorcycles and trucks, that are also operated on designated trails.
Machines can be registered at any DMV office, at the DNR office in St. Paul or online at www. The cost for registration varies, and is valid for three years.
Since July 1, 2015, an ATV's width determines how ATVs are classified and where they can
be ridden.
Class 1 is an ATV with a total width of 50 inches or less.
Class 2 is an ATV with a total width that is greater than 50 inches but not more than 65
inches wide.
Vehicles not considered ATVs include golf carts, mini-trucks, dune buggies, or go carts or
a vehicle designed and used specifically for lawn maintenance, agriculture, logging or mining
Off-highway vehicles are generally permitted on state forest roads and trails, though
vehicle drivers need to pay attention that their particular vehicle is allowed on each road
and trail.
Managed: Off-highway vehicles (ATVs/ORVs/OHMs) are allowed on roads, routes
and on designated trails. ATV travel off routes, roads and designated trail is
prohibited except when hunter/trapper exception applies.
Limited: Off-highway vehicles (ATVs/ORVs/OHMs), may be operated on signed
roads and trails designated for a vehicle type. ATV travel off of signed motor
vehicles trails or forest roads is prohibited except when hunter/trapper exception
Closed: Off-highway vehicles are prohibited in this forest.