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ATVentures 2016
Round River Drive: 107
miles; Martineau Recreational:
97 miles
Easiest to More Difficult
Parking/Trailhead Location(s):
Five miles north of Akeley off of
Highway 64
May 1 to October 31
Vehicles Allowed:
Martineau Recreational
Trail parking lot: restrooms; Akeley:
food, fuel, restroom, lodging
More Information:
County, 218-732-4750
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The Paul Bunyan State Forest features not
one but two huge off-roading opportunities.
The Round River Drive and Martineau trail
systems provide over 200 miles of trails
showcasing the area's unique post-glacial
moraine landscape. Amid deep pine and
oak forests, riders can expect ever-changing
challenges and vistas, including rocky hills,
smooth meadows, moraines, ponds and
pothole lakes. Martineau is OHM only and
features technical and narrow single-track
trails, as well as some suitable for beginners.
Plan to spend at least a day exploring this
beautiful part of Minnesota.