With hundreds of miles of well-maintained and groomed trails in the area, Mille Lacs is a logical place to hold club and group rides.
Close in to a major metropolitan base of snowmobilers, the Mille Lacs area lets you know you’re appreciated, and your business welcomed.
Mille Lacs trails offer ample areas to pull over and just chat up your sled’s benefits versus your buddy’s sled. The trails are well maintained with ample signage.
The Mille Lacs area offers welcoming pitstops with good food and ample knowledge of local trails and conditions
Don’t be surprised to discover that snowmobile product developers, like Hayes brakes, utilize the “local” trail system to conduct real-world testing on new designs.
Trail grooming companies stage annual “grooming” demonstrations to showcase their products for local clubs and associations, such as this one held at McQuoid’s in Isle, MN.
Not all vintage sled entrants are gray-haired old guys reliving their youth as Nichole Sanders and her husband Brandon illustrate.