About Us

At Midwest Sports Publishing Network we partner with our clients; it’s this philosophy that truly differentiates us from our competitors and ensures your business succeeds. Perhaps this is why so many who advertise with us continue to rely on us year after year. Learn how your business can succeed with MSPN by contacting a sales associate today.

Celebrating Over 32 Years Serving Motorsports and Outdoor Interests

MSPN was born in the spring of 1988 with a publishing dream and a single phone line in an in-home office. As avid grassroots outdoor and motorsports enthusiasts, we have dedicated the past 32 years to serving the interests of organized motorsports and outdoor enthusiast groups. Today, MSPN publishes a variety of award winning magazines and is recognized as a leader in journalism, photography, special interest communications, targeted and certified circulation, target marketing and respective sales specifics. Our experience in these marketplaces guarantees your success.

Throughout our time in business, MSPN has earned a reputation for quality, commitment and publishing excellence. Today, MSPN is the proud publisher of a multitude of publications including two leading state snowmobile membership publications:

Wisconsin Snowmobile News – the official publication of the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs

Michigan Snowmobile & ORV News – the official publication for the Michigan Snowmobile & ORV Association

In addition, MSPN publishes:

Midwest RiderMidwest Rider is an all-new publication geared towards those who love to simply get out and ride, be it in the dirt or snow. 

Minnesota Off-Road

Haydays Grass Drags – the official program for the event hosted by the Sno-Barons Snowmobile Club

Duluth National Snocross – published in partnership with Duluth Convention and Visitors Bureau

Minnesota Snowmobiling Destinations and Minnesota ATVentures – official Explore Minnesota Office of Tourism publications

Sledder Xtra – the exclusive guide to winter race events, from grassroots to national tours

Ice Annual Magazine and Ice Team digital issues– official publications of the

MSPN is the exclusive sales representative for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Safety Laws, Rules and Regulations handbooks for OHV, Waterfowl, Fishing, Hunting and Snowmobiling

We’re also marketing representatives for:

Sno-Dak News – the official publication for the North Dakota Snowmobile Association

Iowa Snowmobiler – the official publication for the Iowa State Snowmobile Association