HAY DAYS is ON !!!

“After much discussion we’ve decided to proceed with preparations for Hay Days 2020 as scheduled.”

A letter form Sno Barons Snowmobile Club …

As communicated last week, we are providing you a status on the planning for Hay Days 2020. First we want to thank everyone who provided input, both solicited and unsolicited, on the importance of Hay Days to the powersports community. At the same time, we’ve needed to weigh health and safety concerns presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and feel confident we could host an event that was both safe and worthwhile for everyone involved.

After much discussion we’ve decided to proceed with preparations for Hay Days 2020 as scheduled. While no one can predict what COVID-related challenges may still exist three months from now, we are hopeful the situation will continue to improve. Understanding it will take many months if not years for the nation to return to the pre-COVID freedoms we once enjoyed, our efforts over the three months leading to Hay Days will be focused on the changes necessary to safely conduct Hay Days recognizing a new reality where physical distancing, robust sanitation practices, and self-awareness must be front and center. We will also be closely monitoring the rapidly evolving state and local guidelines and their impacts on our plans. Please understand as the situation unfolds over the next three months, the possibility exists that we may need to revisit our decision.

Over the next few weeks as our readiness plans develop, we will be communicating regularly with exhibitors, food vendors, racers, staff, and our guests to set expectations and collaboratively develop the new protocols that must be diligently followed. Please monitor haydays.comfor the latest event-related information and expect our Hay Days event team to be reaching out with more information.

Sno Barons Snowmobile Club


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