GT Series and More from Yamaha MY 2020

All-new Sidewinder S-TX GT & Transporter 600 Highlight New Models For 2020 With Big Improvements To Viper & Snoscoot Platforms.

March 5, 2019 – Yamaha is expanding its snowmobile line up for 2020 with a line of Grand Touring (GT) snowmobiles complementing our most premium and exclusive LE series, the dynamic SE series, a totally revised Viper platform and more options in the utility segment.

The luxurious and sporty GT series will offer riders a premium in-season snowmobile in 3 different configurations. The GT series is led by the Sidewinder L-TX GT and the all new Sidewinder S-TX GT, the first 180HP+, two-up touring snowmobile with detachable backrest and auxiliary fuel tank. The SRViper L-TX GT is the third GT model with the Viper GT platform receiving a host of changes including updated Gen2 bodywork, LED headlight and revised ECU programming for improved engine performance.

The Velocity Red GT models are built for experienced, high mileage riders who prefer the best combination of performance and comfort. GT features include upgraded suspension, taller windshields, increased storage, heated seats and visor outlets to offer our most premium snowmobiles available in-season.

The exclusive, spring deposit only, LE series returns in 2020 with 4 LE models. The LE group is led by the indomitable Sidewinder SRX LE in Midnight Black and Liquid Silver colour scheme, while the Sidewinder L-TX LE, Sidewinder X-TX LE and Sidewinder B-TX LE are available in Jet Stream Blue.

LE models are the highest specification snowmobiles Yamaha makes. Depending on the model, LE’s come with different track specifications, top of the line suspension upgrades, increased storage options and lightweight brake discs to ensure the most premium Yamaha snowmobiles available.

Those looking for a LE snowmobile will need to place a deposit during Spring Power Surge in order to have their ride in the fall.

Yamaha’s in-season SE model line consists of 3 models in the Sidewinder L-TX SE, Sidewinder X-TX SE and SRViper L-TX SE. The SE line offers riders the best of Yamaha performance in our most value oriented package.

Yamaha’s utility line continues to expand with the all-new Transporter 600. Designed for those who work just as much as they play, the Transporter offers a two-stroke, 599cc engine with push button start, spacious rear cargo rack with hitch and excellent deep snow floatation with 153 x 15 x 2.25” track and Yamaha Mountain skis.

Returning to the Yamaha line for 2020 are the VK Professional II and RSVenture TF. Both models utilize Yamaha’s industry exclusive Electric Power Steering, giving utility and two-up customers the reliability and innovation Yamaha is known for.

Yamaha’s youth series sees the Snoscoot ES receive, among other revisions, a new butterfly style carburetor. The new carburetor combines with last year’s addition of electric start for much easier starting, greater adjustability and a little more top end speed. Other upgrades include a tighter steering radius, wider handlebars and tether switch. Snoscoot and SRX120R are available in the same Jet Stream Blue as the full size snowmobiles while Snoscoot also comes in Hi- Vis.

Yamaha’s 2020 snowmobile line offers new snowmobiles in key categories, simplified line up categorization and a strong Spring Power Surge program for a busy spring deposit season.

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