Wisconsin Youth Honored by ACSA

At the 49th International Snowmobile Congress, Emma Granger from Tomah, Wisconsin was named the ACSA Young Snowmobiler of the Year.                                                               

Starting at a young age, Emma become involved in Snowmobile Club Fundraisers and has progressed to fundraising for Kids and Adults Out Snowmobling (KAOS).  Emma grew up snowmobiling thanks to her parents and grandparents.  Emma’s grandparents owned a snowmobile dealership, so snowmobiling was a natural.  In fact, she is often seen riding her own vintage sled in events.

In addition to attending club and county meetings, she also rides helps with trail maintenance and trail signage.  She also enjoys riding along in the groomer.

Emma has been promoting youth involvement in snowmobiling at the club and county  level,  to the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs, and has talked with many other state associations about the importance.  Emma has also attended 3 of the most recent International Snowmobile Congress.

“Having youth involvement like Emma in promoting snowmobiling has been just great” stated AWSC President Dave Newman.  “Our future lies in the hands of our youth.  With involvement and leadership like we are seeing from Emma, the future of snowmobiling is bright!”

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