WCSA Holds Youth Ride & Bonfire

Merton, WI – There was just enough snow to let the young snowmobilers ride their 120s around the groomed track during Waukesha County Snowmobile Association’s annual Youth Ride and Bonfire event held at Monches Recreation Park in the Town of Merton. The goal of the event, which was held Saturday, February 4, is to share the snowmobile experience with the youth.

Grandpa, Dennis Pipkorn, holding the tether as he teaches his three year old grandson to drive his first snowmobile.

Waukesha County Groomer Corp. provided the kids rides in the Tucker Sno-Cat trail groomer and all had an opportunity to create their own snowmobile themed craft project. Had there been enough snow they would have taken a group ride on the nearby snowmobile trail system.

The day was made possible with help from many of the clubs and members of the Waukesha County Snowmobile Association. Event organizers Andy and Jodi Slaby and Becky Tetzlaff of the Merton Flake Chasers Snowmobile Club thank everyone who made this event possible.
About the Waukesha County Snowmobile Association (WCSA)
The Waukesha County Snowmobile Association is an organization of 17 concerned snowmobile clubs whose aim is to serve the snowmobiling needs in Waukesha County. By uniting, the clubs have a stronger voice with city, county, and state government over issues concerning the sport of snowmobiling.
The snowmobile clubs in Waukesha county groom and maintain nearly 120 miles of snowmobile trails in the county. These trails are funded by the snowmobilers’ share of the gas tax revenue and the new Wisconsin trail pass. In short, without WCSA, there would be no state funded trails in Waukesha County.
Visit waukeshasno.org for more information about the Waukesha County Snowmobile Association or to join a snowmobile club.

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