Comment NOW for St. Louis Co. ATV Road Ordinance

St. Louis County considers ATV road ordinance – YOUR comments are needed NOW!

ATVAMLogoblack-white_000St. Louis County is considering creating a countywide ordinance that would allow ATVs on its county roads. This is the start of a very important process as it will create connections to trails such as the Chisholm Trail Extension to Side Lake and other future trail projects. But as ATVAM members know, every time an ATV proposal of any kind is brought to local government, anti-ATV forces try to stop it. St. Louis County authorities need to hear loud and clear from ATVers that this is needed!

There are several ways you can be heard. Attend a public meeting, send an email or give a phone call. Meeting dates and contact information are in the fact sheet put together by ATVAM Region 2 Directors (below).

Please continue to be respectful – at the meetings, expect inflammatory statements from anti-ATV citizens. Don’t argue with them. Stick to the facts – Minnesota ATVers have proven time and again that they are responsible. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, there are over 260,000 ATVs registered in the State of Minnesota now. DNR statistics show that ATV accidents have decreased as the number of ATVs registered in the state have risen.

In your letter or email, tell officials about yourself – personalize it so it isn’t just a form letter. Let St. Louis County officials know how long you’ve been riding, what type of riding you do (solitary or in groups of friends and family?), what experience you have (years of riding, ATV safety instructor, Trail Ambassador, etc.).

For people who ride in St. Louis County, let officials know the particular connections that would be made by opening county roads and why they are important to you. For riders in other counties, let St. Louis County know how things are going there – for example, Cook County opened the inner shoulder/far right side of road to ATVs in 2009, starting with gravel roads, then paved until almost all Cook County roads are open to ATVs-with no problems.

It’s time to show up and speak up!


County Engineers are working toward a first draft of potential regulations. But first they are seeking, through public meetings and input, a course of action that makes the most sense for the county and its riders. Comments from the public and townships will determine what direction will be taken from 3 options:

1) NO ACTION:  Riders are OK with current standards.

2) LIMITED ACTION:  A permit system, rather than an ordinance, is something the county can implement right now without going through the county board approval process.

3) BLANKET ORDINANCE:  Covers all county roads. Provides the most flexibility and legal immunity for the county.   Most counties are doing this.

Other County Ordinances:

Koochiching County – Full usage of roads but no ditch riding.

Lake County – Full usage of roads except two.

Pine County – A permit system that allows road use from trailhead to trailhead.

Cook County – Almost all roads open to ride on far right shoulder, no ditch riding

Saint Louis County – Currently allows patchwork between trails with a county permit.

WE NEED TO COMMENT “NOW” in support for a “COUNTY WIDE BLANKET ORDINANCE” and ALSO later during the 45-day comment period following the board’s decision for a course of action. At that time comments will spark revisions of a then drafted ordinance before going back to the board for final approval.



Phone calling: 218-625-3830

Mailing: ATV Ordinance, c/o St. Louis County Public Works,4787 Midway Road Duluth, MN 55811


Thursday, Feb. 11, at Midway Township Hall in Duluth, MN.

Monday, Feb. 22, at Vermilion Community College in Ely, MN

Thursday, Feb. 25, at the County Public Works Office in Virginia, MN


In addition to those meetings, there will be a St. Louis County ATV ordinance meeting with ATV clubs on Tuesday, February 23 at 6:00 p.m. at the St. Louis County Public Works Department Office in the lower level training center located at 7823 Highway 135 in Virginia.

Additional information from St. Louis County can be found at:

We need mass support in favor of a SAINT LOUIS COUNTY ATV ORDINANCE! If you cannot attend a meeting, please comment by the other methods as stated above.

8 thoughts on “Comment NOW for St. Louis Co. ATV Road Ordinance

  • February 9, 2016 at 7:16 am

    I been riding my whole life…my kids really love to ride as well…we need these county roads open to get to one trail to another..northern Traxx plans on doing s trail extension but with out the county roads open it will not be possible…

    Board member Northerntraxx Atv club

    Lonnie Cappo

  • February 9, 2016 at 9:18 am

    I am writing in response to St. Louis County possible ordinance change regarding ATV use on county roads. I am strongly in favor of ATV use of county roads in our county. I am sort of a newbie to ATV riding as have started riding about 4 years now. It is has become a great part of mine and my family’s enjoyment to get outdoors and enjoy our beautiful areas landscape. WE have joined our local ATV club, Northern Traxx in northern Minnesota and have become a part of a new fantastic family of great members. Without county road use our club would not be able to extend our trail system to other areas of our great northland. Thank you for your time!
    Scott Yaroscak
    Northern Traxx ATV Club Member

  • February 9, 2016 at 11:22 am

    Allow me to ride my registered and insured vehicles on public roadways please

  • February 12, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    Please allow ATV’s on county rds.Last deer season my son got a ticket for riding his atv on acouty rd too his house by a conservation officer and we owned the land on both sides of the county rd. I own a large tract of land that has a river going through it an I have too travel on county rd. to access property on other side . I also do farming an have my fields cut in half by a county rd. right now I could be ticketed for just accessing my property. I know other farmers who also use their ATV’s to do the same. It’s never been a problem before but we now have a rambunctious CO. so every time we access our property we are potentiously able too be ticketed. Thank you , please allow for use on county rds.

  • April 11, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    please allow the use of county and forest roads for atv’s. i also hope that you are considering utv’s also. they are family vehicles. we would like to ride in our state and not go to wi. when we want to have a fun time. utv’s are the future of wheeling.
    my wheelers are insured and registered. we have a great outdoors wonderland up here. please let us use it with our utv”s and atv’s.
    thank you,
    mary r.


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