Attention All Snowmobilers!

Do you have your new Wisconsin Trail Pass?

10.15.WSN.Trail Pass.Photo 1Starting this winter, a trail pass sticker is required on every snowmobile riding on Wisconsin snowmobile trails in addition to having the snowmobile registered.  The trail passes need to be purchased separately from the registration and will be the responsibility of the snowmobile owner.  You will not receive a notice from the DNR like you do when the registrations expire.  The trail passes will be good for one winter and expire on June 30th.  The cost of registering a snowmobile in Wisconsin has changed from $30 for two years to $30 for three years.

For snowmobiles registered in Wisconsin, the trail passes will cost $30 per snowmobile if the owner is not a member of a snowmobile club and the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC).  They can be ordered from the DNR by going to their website or from any DNR license sales agent.  If you are a current member of a Wisconsin snowmobile club and the AWSC you can order the trail passes for $10 from the AWSC.  These passes need to be ordered through the AWSC website or the AWSC office, contact your club or the AWSC for more information.  All trail pass stickers will come from the state by US Mail.

Trail passes for snowmobiles registered in another state have increased to $50 and will be available through the DNR and select vendors.  Visit and search “license agent” to find a vendor near you.

All revenue generated from the sale of snowmobile registrations and trail passes goes into the segregated snowmobile account which is used to fund and maintain the Wisconsin snowmobile trails.  These trails are made possible by snowmobile club volunteers and the landowners that generously allow the trails to cross their property.

For more information or to look for a club to join go to or the DNR website at or calling 888-936-7463.

One thought on “Attention All Snowmobilers!

  • September 30, 2015 at 10:59 am

    This is not a good policy for out of state tourism. $50 for an impromptu weekend after already paying for registration and trail passes in your home state? Not likely. How about a little cross state cooperation? If you are a member of a MnUSA and local club you pay a $20 trail pass and visa versa.


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