AMSOIL and VP Partner with TLR Cup Tour


dominator(September 8, 2015) – The TLR Cup Tour brings you the fastest, ski-to-ski, adrenaline pumping race action found on any ice oval track in the world. Teams competing in the Tour spend countless hours fine-tuning their snowmobiles to ensure that come race day, they perform their best from start to finish. When a win, points and a season purse are on the line, engine reliability is key.

Such reliability is exactly what AMSOIL has in mind when formulating oil to keep high-end performance engines running under the most extreme circumstances. The TLR Cup is proud to announce AMSOIL DOMINATOR Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil as the official oil of the Tour.

As the leading oil in the motorsports racing industry, DOMINATOR will be the spec oil for the Tour’s premier class, Champ 440. Hitting speeds over 100 miles per hour and completing up to 30-lap features, DOMINATOR will provide the extra durability and dependability demanded from such power-house engines.

The TLR Cup Tour is also pleased to announce that VP Racing Fuels has teamed with the TLR Cup as the official fuel of the Tour. Already the fuel of choice for many race teams, VP has been tried, tested and proven as the best in the industry. Notorious for being a great cold-weather fuel, you can now expect to see even more of the familiar blue cans around the race track.

vpFor the first time in TLR Cup Tour history, the premier class, Champ 440, will now run VP’s C14 Plus as their spec fuel. Formulated for high RPM engines with compression ratios over 14:1, C14 Plus contains additional octane to prevent burn-downs and keep the race action going.

To catch the race action for yourself, check out the season schedule at and Like TLR Cup on Facebook.

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