Governor Dayton Proclaims June 6-14 ATV Safety Week

Governor Mark Dayton has proclaimed the week of June 6-14, 2015 as All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Week. The official proclamation, signed May 26, 2015, acknowledges the approximately 270,000 registered ATV’s in Minnesota, as well as the contributions ATV enthusiasts make to the state’s tourism and hospitality industries, and the support they provide for manufacturing and development jobs.

ATV weekAlso recognized in the official document is the work the All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota (ATVAM), Minnesota DNR and Trail Ambassadors have done to educate the public about responsible and safe ATV practices, such as obeying laws and speed limits, completing proper training and abstaining from alcohol consumption.

Celebrate the fact that our state recognizes all the hard work ATV organizations and enthusiasts do by hitting the trails during All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Week!



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