Judnick Motorsports Earns Three Podiums at ISOC Grand Finale

Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin – March16, 2015 – The AMSOIL Championship Snocross Grand Finale in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is a unique end to the season in that Pro Open competitors have to race three complete programs on consecutive days. For Ross Martin, this meant an extended opportunity to showcase his talents to family and friends at his hometown race. Once again he did not disappoint, riding to two podium finishes and just missing a third.

Martin (right) clears his goggles mid-flight
Martin (right) clears his goggles mid-flight

On Friday, Martin struggled with starts, including in the main event, but worked from a mid-pack launch and through a tough field of front-runners to secure the third spot. Saturday night was looking even more promising as Martin was able to get out to a great start and into the second position. He was maintaining his spot as the laps wound down but then came off his Polaris just as it was cresting the massive Lake Geneva downhill.

“We were in contention and I just made a mistake,” said Martin. Fortunately Ross was uninjured and the sled stayed upright, however, he had to chase it on foot all the way to the bottom of the hill were he would remount and go on to finish sixth.

James Johnstad kept the team’s podium streak intact on Saturday, finishing third in a hotly contested Pro Lite final in which riders in that class were battling for every last point to determine a season champion.

“I followed the leader Ryan Springer for quite a few laps and I was eating a lot of roost and just couldn’t get around him. We haven’t been on top of the box since the Fargo national so I was really hungry for a win and to end on a high note going into next year,” said Johnstad.

Johnstad beat out the field for the Pro Lite win
Johnstad beat out the field for the Pro Lite win

Johnstad would back up his performance on Sunday with a heat race win and a fourth in the final.

Ross Martin completed the weekend with a strong second place in Sunday’s final which was broadcast live on the CBS Sports Network. In what will come to be known as the Tucker Hibbert era, second place is almost as good as a win, but for sure one that the team can go into the off-season feeling good about as the result was critical in regaining the fourth overall spot in the championship.

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