DULUTH, MN (March 6, 2015) – Due to a lack of snow in Duluth, Minn., Red Bull Snow Boundaries will now move from Spirit Mountain Ski Resort to Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort in Ironwood, on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Every effort was made to continue with the event as planned, but the snow pack was just not adequate to provide the conditions needed for a race of this magnitude. The event will still run on the same day in the new location, and although the scope will be somewhat reduced, the essence of the event – a one-of-a-kind multi-discipline endurance race – will remain. Red Bull Snow Boundaries will look to return to Spirit Mountain in 2016.

red-bull-snow-boundaries-levalee-2015The move to Michigan will ensure that the race is top notch, as Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort is expected to have very favorable conditions. The course in this “Midwest mecca” for snowmobiling will feature a 12-mile loop with each lap unveiling a new set of challenging features. Riders must be prepared to face near vertical hill climbs, wall rides, snocross sections, rock drops and chutes, a glade run and a water skip. The race will last 90 minutes and require riders to refuel once. The entire mountain will be utilized to make the event as innovative as possible and push riders to their limit.

The event schedule will include confirmed athlete registration and a seeding draw on Friday, March 27 with the actual race on Saturday, March 28. All athletes registered for the Duluth event will receive full refunds for registration and fuel fees, and are also invited to compete in Ironwood.

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