DL Racing-Yamaha Team to Raffle Huge Prizes at Soo I-500

With the help of some great sponsors, DL Racing is looking to give some top of the line products out to the fans of the SOO I-500 in 9 days!

Prizes to be drawn every 50­-100 laps from start to finish of the race! Including a Brand New 2015 Yamaha SRX 120, Full Fly Race Gear, EVS Protective Equipment, Woody’s Traction Kit, New B­Warm vitamins and supplements, as well as bundles of other prizes and swag!

“Partnering with Yamaha for the past two seasons has been a great relationship; they build some amazing 4­-stroke technology and are the leaders when it comes to innovation and moving forward with consumer snowmobile products,” Don LaBean – Owner of DL Racing exclaimed.

“We are also excited to see them kick back to the fans and team with chances like this for a family to get their hands on a Brand New 2015 SRX 120… this isn’t going to be one of those contests where nobody ever knows who wins anything we are literally going to hand the sled over between laps 400 and 500 complete with a custom DL Racing – 139 designs graphic package!!”

Team Manager Rick Tiede added, “We have had a ton of support from all of our sponsors when we decided to move forward with this endeavor, at the beginning it was let’s have a booth with some items on display and it’s lead into something bigger than we could have imagined. We are going to be giving away thousands of dollars in prizes throughout the day and it’s going to be something everyone at the SOO I-500 remembers!!”

Rob Powers, from Yamaha Motorsports USA stated “This is going to be a great opportunity to hopefully get some new blood into the sport anytime Yamaha can help get new families and fans involved in Snowmobiling. It’s a great thing for everyone! What DL Racing is and has continued to do for Yamaha is exactly what we look for in teams to represent our brand. Can’t wait to see the look on the families face when we hand over the new SRX 120”

Be sure to check the DL Racing Booth out on February 7at the top of the hill during the SOO I-500. It will be easily recognizable as they have partnered with Woody’s for use of the factory trailer, and Black N White agency will be supplying some beautiful girls to handle the giveaways and promotions.

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