Cannon Lake Shoot Out Update

Jan. 16, 2015 – The Faribo Sno-Go Club’s, Cannon Lake Shoot Out is still “on” at this time.


As always driving on a lake is at your own risk!

We have all available shore area plowed, to park as many as possible on shore.

Vehicles parked first in, maybe last out.

We plan to allow people to drop trailers, unhook and park trucks on shore, or away from the track area.

We have extra help, with ATV’s, and Rangers, to get Radar sleds onto the lake, but cannot promise valet service on demand.

The 1,000’ Ice Track, will get shaved on Friday. It is plowed and ready for shaving. The shaved track is over 3,000 feet long, with a snow run off area past the shaved ice. We will update facebook ASAP, with changes and conditions as best we can.

Things can change, SO STAY TUNED! We will keep our web site ( under news, and also events) and Facebook (Faribo Sno-Go Club)up to date as best we can.

Please understand, if you have a long drive, be aware that it is beyond our control if the parking is full.

The Vintage Sled Show is located right in front of our heated shelter. Registration forms are in the heated shelter. There is no charge for sleds entered in the Vintage show.

Registration for the Radar Run, is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  in the heated shelter.


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