Next Level Riding Clinic Registration Open

Well it’s official! Officially time to get registered for the best time you will ever have on snow! The Next Level Riding Clinics winter schedule is now online and available and with a first come, first ride policy, you had better get to and sign up! 

The crew at NXT LVL is ready for the snow to fall and to begin another season of building riders, making friends and having an awesome time in the mountains. New for the 2014-15 season is the addition of 3 all ladies clinics to be held up at Togwotee Mountain Lodge, some one day beginner clinics in Alpine, and even more advanced riding areas for you experienced shredders wanting to push yourself even harder than before!

We pride ourselves on being professional, enthusiastic and well trained riders and want you to feel as comfortable as possible each day of the clinic. As the winter approaches we remind everyone looking to attend to spend some time getting yourselves and your machines in tip top condition.

Remember, unlike a typical ride into the backcountry, it is all about training and closed-course exercises here at NXT LVL so getting in shape for riding above 8,000 feet will help you get the most out of your clinic. Sled set up and maintenance is another component that will ensure your success so get the wrenches out and/or get your dealer to lend a hand and make your sled as ready as you are. Tips on what to bring are located on our website and we even have a retail store right here at the NXT LVL shop in case you forget something or are looking to upgrade. Be sure to browse the site for information on lodging and other important details you may want to know.   Be one of the first 20 people to register for this years clinic and receive 10% off storewide when you shop at NXT LVL Online store. You will receive a code upon registration. 

2014-2015 Schedule


December 20-21, 2014 Intermediate Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

December 27-28, 2014 Advanced Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

December 30-31, 2014 Intermediate Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)


January 1-2, 2014 Intermediate Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

January 10-11, 2015 Advanced Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

January 13, 2015 One Day Beginner Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

January 14, 2015 One Day Beginner Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

January 17-18, 2015 Intermediate Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

January 20-21, 2015 Ladies Riding Clinic (Togwotee Mtn. Lodge, WY)

January 27-28, 2015 Intermediate Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

January 31-Feb 1, 2015 Advanced Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)


February 3-4, 2015 Advanced Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

February 6, 2015 One Day Beginner Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

February 10-11, 2015 Beginner Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

February 14-15, 2015 Intermediate Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)

February 17-18, 2015 Ladies Riding Clinic (Togwotee Mtn. Lodge, WY)

February 28-March 1, 2015 Advanced Riding Clinic (Alpine, WY)


March 14-15, 2015 Intermediate Riding Clinic (Alpine,WY)

March 17-18, 2015 Advanced Riding Clinic (Alpine,WY)

March 23-24, 2015 Ladies Riding Clinic (Togwotee Mtn. Lodge, WY)

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