Yamaha Announces MPI Turbo Kits Now Available for SRViper Trail Models

Pleasant Prairie, WI – Yamaha trail and crossover enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in power and reliability can now have their cake and eat it too with the newly released Mountain Performance Incorporated (MPI) Trail Turbo Accessory Kit for Yamaha SRViper models. With the success of the factory authorized, dealer installed accessory kits exceeding expectations in mountain trim, the new MPI turbo kit was developed specifically for applications below 6,000-feet.

MPI Turbo on LEMountain Performance has already developed a stellar track record for “boosted” Yamaha performance with its turbo and supercharger applications. Earlier this year, Yamaha announced the introduction of an MPI accessory turbo kit for the all-new SRViper M-TX. During Yamaha’s Spring Power Surge, Yamaha customers could purchase the MPI kit in conjunction with a new M-TX at a considerable savings. The dealer-installed kit delivers an additional 45-horsepower on pump gas while still retaining Yamaha’s legendary reputation for reliability.

The new MPI Trail Turbo accessory kit for 2014 and 2015 SRViper R-TX, L-TX, X-TX and S-TX models touts many of the same features of the Mountain Kit including the same 45-horsepower boost. Unique to the Trail Kit is the use of an electronically controlled waste gate. Both the Trail and Mountain kits feature a solid mounting system and a new muffler that is quieter than previous designs; both systems also meet EPA standards.

“Ever since we introduced the MPI Mountain Turbo Kit for the new M-TX this spring, everyone has been asking for a sea-level version,” said Yamaha Product Manager Rob Powers. “The guys at MPI have been working all summer on this new kit…we didn’t want to compromise power or reliability, which was a real challenge, but we got there and riders are going to be blown away by the power and ride-ability of this system.”

The new MPI Trail Turbo Kit will be available at Yamaha dealerships in late fall.

MPI Trail Turbo Kit – Part Number: SMA-8JP17-00-TB – MSRP: $3,299

For more information about the new MPI Turbo accessory kit and the entire 2015 Yamaha snowmobiles lineup visit your local Yamaha dealer or go to www.yamahasnowmobiles.com. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and YouTube at facebook.com/YamahaSnowmobilesUSA and at youtube.com/user/YamahaSnowmobilesUSA

Turbo Kit in action

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