2015 Ski-doos

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It’s big, menacing, and by all accounts of the spec sheet, poised to conquer the steepest of peaks next winter. The crew from Valcourt pulled out all the stops when they looked to further improve their Summit X models for 2015. The spring only T3 package, also known as Titan, has given new meaning to the phrase, “never enough.” A new 3-inch FlexEdge track is available in two lengths; a somewhat “tame” 163-inch version or a whopping 174-inch for those who just can’t have too much. Joining the new high flotation track are new skis, a new chaincase, new heat exchangers, and a new lightweight muffler. When added all up, the new loud and proud sunburst sled is said to weight 16 pounds lighter than a comparable 2014 model.  

doo 1

As if the race bred MX Z XRS model from years past wasn’t “in your face” enough with its race replica graphics package, this year it screams even more. What’s more, the short track XRS is now joined by a Renegade version. Both tout all the big bump tricks and features including premium KYB shocks with a full array of compression and rebound adjustments mounted to the rMotion suspension outback and the new RAS 2 system up front. 

The kids from north of the border continue to push the technology envelope with further refinements to its best selling REV-XS chassis. Leading the way is a new RAS 2 front suspension design found on most XS sleds and Summit X models that is lighter and greatly improves bump performance. Joining this suspension in the mountain segment are two all-new Summit models that will surely drop some jaws as they look to clearly put a stake atop the tallest peaks. Other 2015 additions include a highly potent XRS model in Renegade trim, more ACE 900 options, and an all-new radio frequency activated DESS Key.


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