We knew it was going to be hard for Yamaha to top their new model introduction from last year when they shook the industry to its core with the announcement of their newfound partnership with Arctic Cat. The result of that relationship produced some of the best new Yamaha models in recent years. For 2015, the relationship continues to fuel new models with an emphasis in the mountains where you’ll find four new Viper MTX sleds. Back down where the oxygen is a bit thicker, another crossover sled is thrown into the mix that doubles as a touring model. Carry-over Yamaha models also receive some added technology with a very interesting addition dubbed the performance damper available on Apex, Vector, and Venture sleds, plus those same models also receive a new family hue of graphite and red.


With the mountain crowd feeling left out last season, they will get their just rewards in 2015 thanks to four all-new Viper MTX rides to choose from. Based on the SRV Mountain chassis, the focus was clearly on maneuverability and control versus pure king of the mountain status. The chassis features a vertical steering post, open running boards, lightweight seat, and the elimination of the rear heat exchanger to reduce weight and snow build-up. Available in two lengths (153-inch and 162-inch) and three shock combinations including a spring only LE model touting top of the line Fox FLOAT EVOL units up front and a paint and graphics scheme that any Denver Broncos fan will be proud to own.


The new for 2015 Viper STX DX is the latest crossover model from Yamaha and, frankly, can do it all. Outfitted with a versatile 141 x 1.352-inch Cobra track, the STX represents a performance crossover, a two-up touring sled, and one-up utility adventure sled all wrapped up into one. A standard rear rack complements a standard heated seat and tall window, while an available quick attach passenger seat expands the possibilities. Another key change for 2015 found on the STX and all trail Viper models is a revised Tuner ski that will tout a deeper keel than previous versions.




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