When the checkered flag flew to end the 2014 ISOC National snocross season in Lake Geneva, Wis., Team Arctic stood atop the podium with seven class wins, two class championships and a podium place in each of the five championship points classes.

As the final event of ISOC National season, Lake Geneva saw another historic crushing of the Pro classes by Tucker Hibbert and Marica Renheim. Hibbert was victorious each of the three Pro Open finals, bringing his season win total to 15 out of 17 possible. Marica Renheim was equally impressive, staying undefeated in season finals to record her eighth win. In fact, Renheim lost only once the entire season: a heat race at the season-opener in Duluth.

“Tucker and Marica’s performances this season set a new standard,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “What makes their phenomenal win records even more honorable is the fact that both are great people and excellent ambassadors for snowmobiling.”

Having dominated their classes all season, Hibbert and Renheim also claimed their respective ISOC high point championship titles. In addition, Corey Watkinson capped an excellent season in Pro Lite with a third place overall title. Josh Zelinski did the same in Pro Am 30 Plus. And Travis Kern graciously accepted his second place point title in Sport despite being crashed out of the championship title by another racer at Lake Geneva while Kern was in third place, just two corners before the finish line.

Team Arctic’s contingent of USXC cross-country racers cleaned house in the season championship points war, taking the title in 16 classes including eight podium sweeps and 42 out of 60 championship podium positions. Zach Herfindahl capped his remarkable sophomore season in the Pro class by winning the Pro Stock championship and taking a close second in the Pro Open chase. Jolene Bute won yet another Women’s class championship. And Jon Arneson captured three class championships, including the tough-fought Semi Pro Stock and all-new Super Stock classes.

“The team’s performance in cross-country racing is unmatched in the sport,” said Kloety, and then added; “We dominated at the top end in the Pro and Semi Pro classes, as well as in the Junior, Sport and Expert 85 classes. Team Arctic’s current and future talent is exceptional, with class winners like Hunter Houle, Ryan Trout, Jon Langaas and many others pointing to dominance for years to come. I thank all of our snocross and cross-country racers, teams, crews and families for their dedication and excellence on behalf of everyone at Arctic Cat. It’s our greatest honor to build and support the snowmobiles that you race, and we’re grateful for your efforts.”

Team Arctic Results from ISOC National Snocross in Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Pro Open #1 

1. Tucker Hibbert

Pro Open #2 

1. Tucker Hibbert

4. Cody Thomsen

Pro Open #3 

1. Tucker Hibbert

Pro AM 30 Plus 

2. Josh Zelinski

Pro AM Women 

1. Marica Renheim

Pro Lite #1 

2. Corey Watkinson

Sport #1 

3. Travis Kern

Amateur #1 

2. Jay Lura

Amateur #2 

1. Jay Lura

Jr. 14-15 

3. Trent Wittwer

Jr. Novice 10-13 

1. Ryley Bester

3. Carson Alread

Transition 8-12 

1. Isaac Schlauderaff

2. Eric Downs

3. Kaleb Kindsvatter

2014 ISOC National Season Championship Points for Team Arctic 

Pro Open 

1. Tucker Hibbert

4. Cody Thomsen

6. Logan Christian

7. David Joanis

Pro AM 30 Plus 

3. Josh Zelinski

Pro AM Women 

1. Marica Renheim

Pro Lite 

3. Corey Watkinson


2. Travis Kern

2014 USXC Cross-Country Championship Points for Team Arctic 

Pro Stock 

1. Zach Herfindahl

4. Wes Selby

Pro Open 

2. Zach Herfindahl

3. Wes Selby

Super Stock 

1. Jon Arneson

2. Jon Koch


1. Jolene Bute

Semi Pro Stock 

1. Jon Arneson

3. Cole Nymann

Semi Pro Improved 

2. Lance Efteland

Expert 85 

1. Ryan Trout

2. John Langaas

3. Austin Lunde

Expert 85 Improved 

1. John Langaas

2. Matt Feil

Sport 600 

1. Chase Nordstrom

Masters 40 Plus 

1. Jon Arneson

2. Jon Koch

Masters 50 Plus 

2. Brian Brown

3. Brian Perreault


1. Garet Grzadzielewski

2. Ross Ilstrup

3. Tom Junglen

Sport 85 

1. Hunter Houle

2. Ryan Weidemann

3. Ross Ilstrup

Classic IFS 

1. Tom Clement

2. Steve Martinson

3. Brad Naplin


1. Peter Behm

2. Gary Tintes

3. Jim Mattison

Vintage Legends 

1. Gerry Mattison

2. Gary Tintes

3. Pete Mattison

Junior 14-17 

1. Hunter Houle

2. Ean Voigt

3. Tom Junglen

Jr. Girls 14-17 

1. Kelsey Pladson

3. Sara Larson

Junior 10-13 

1. Tyler Brown

2. David Brown

3. Keaton Black

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