Black is the New Black 

A New Black Color Scheme Model for 2015 Rush & Switchback Pro-S Models

In response to overwhelmingly positive feedback for the black color scheme on the 2015 Pro-X models, and to provide our riders with even more choices on the all-new AXYS platform, today we are adding new all-black color scheme models to the 2015 Rush & Switchback Pro-S line-ups.  These new choices will come as a 60th Anniversary Edition models, and will feature black side panels, a black painted tunnel, and red painted rails.  And just like the other 60th Anniversary sleds on the AXYS platform, these new models come standard with an LCD full color gauge and integrated storage.  We heard your positive feedback on the black Pro-X, and wanted to provide additional choice and excitement for Pro-S riders.  But don’t delay… like the rest of our 60th Anniversary Editions, these new models will only be available during SnowCheck.


Q:   So what models will feature this new color scheme?

A:   This new 60th Anniversary color scheme will be available for:

2015 Rush Pro-S – either 600 or 800

2015 Switchback Pro-S – either 600 or 800

Q:   Does this color scheme replace any models in the current line-up?

A:   No. These new color schemes are in addition to the rest of the line up; all of the colors and models that have already been released are still available.

Q:   What if I already submitted my SnowCheck; can I change it to this new model?

A:   Yes. Work with your Polaris dealer to make that change.


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