2015 Polaris® Snowmobile Lineup Celebrates 60 Years of Terrain Domination® With the All-New AXYS Platform, the World’s Best Mountain Sleds & the Versatile New INDY® 155″ Models

Polaris is celebrating 60 years of Terrain Domination® by introducing a 2015 snowmobile lineup featuring the all-new AXYS™ platform that delivers Rider Balanced™ Control for RUSH® and Switchback® riders, the world’s best mountain sleds, and two new long-track INDY® models that deliver exceptional on- and off-trail performance.

The 2015 Polaris snowmobile lineup includes models for every type of rider, including hillclimb-winning deep snow models, trail-dominating performance sleds, crossover machines ready to run on- and off-trail, an expanded lineup of utility sleds, and touring models.

“It’s exciting to celebrate the Polaris 60th Anniversary year with such a strong lineup of powerful, innovative, terrain-dominating snowmobiles,” said Chris Wolf, Director of Snowmobiles. “The all-new AXYS platform delivers industry-leading handling and performance. The RMKs® are still the best mountain sleds in the world, and now can be truly customized to fit the way you ride. And the new 155″ INDY models greatly expand riders’ ability to work and play on- and off-trail with greater control than ever.”

Riders can customize their 2015 snowmobiles to suit their riding and style by ordering through Polaris SnowCheck Select. This year’s SnowCheck features TRUE customization for RMKs, and SnowCheck-exclusive models for RUSH, Switchback, and INDY. It’s easy as 1-2-3 for riders to choose their sled, choose their colors, and choose their options. SnowCheck Select models can be ordered from March 3, 2014, through April 15, 2014. Complete details are available at www.TerrainDomination.com.

Among the SnowCheck Select models are several 60th Anniversary Limited Edition models, which feature unique Polaris retro graphics packages, special equipment and customizing options.

The All-New AXYS Platform for RUSH & Switchback Models

Just five short years after Polaris shocked the world by reinventing the snowmobile with the PRO-RIDE™ chassis on the RUSH model, the brand with 60 years of Terrain Domination is doing it again. Polaris started with a clean sheet of paper to develop the new AXYS platform, which radically raises the bar in the three dimensions that define world-class snowmobiles: control, performance and comfort.

AXYS™ is the next-generation, premium performance platform that delivers the ultimate riding experience through:

  • • Rider Balanced™ Control
  • • Unrivaled Acceleration
  • • Rider-Centric Comfort

The new AXYS platform includes: an all-new Rider Balanced™ chassis, a completely-redesigned rear suspension, a new 800 H.O. engine, significant reductions in weight from nearly every part of the sled, and new rider-centric designs for comfort, such as integrated storage, LED headlights and a full-color interactive gauge. Polaris is introducing a total of nine new 2015 RUSH and Switchback models built on the new AXYS platform.

The 2015 RUSH® models – the 800 RUSH® PRO-S and 600 RUSH PRO-S – set a new standard for trail performance. Polaris Switchback® models are the industry’s best crossover sleds, and with the new AXYS platform, the 2015 models – 800 Switchback® PRO-S, 600 Switchback PRO-S, and 600 Switchback® Adventure – just got better.

Polaris is introducing the AXYS platform in two distinct, equally premium trim levels for both RUSH and Switchback models: PRO-S and PRO-X™. Polaris dealers will stock PRO-S models, and PRO-X models are available exclusively through SnowCheck Select.

PRO-S models deliver the most precise handling, the flattest cornering on groomed and bumpy trails, and they erase the stutter bumps. PRO-S models have Ripsaw II tracks. PRO-X models, which have Backcountry X tracks with 1.75″ lugs, deliver the ultimate big bump control, serve riders with a stand-up riding bias, and they dominate the ditches and moguls.

INDY® Lineup Features Two Versatile New 155″ Models

The legendary 2015 INDY lineup offers riders expanded on- and off-trail Terrain Domination® with the all-new 550 INDY® Voyageur™ 155 and 550 INDY® Adventure 155. Both new 155″ track models deliver:

  • • Ultimate Deep Snow Flotation
  • • The Best Trail Handling at ANY Speed
  • • Unmatched Hauling & Towing Capability

These two INDY models feature three key new elements that produce their superior ride, handling and versatility:

  • • The 155 Articulated Rear Suspension
  • • PRO-FLOAT Skis
  • • Aggressive High-Flotation Cobra 155″ Track

The 550 INDY® Voyageur™ 155 is the ultimate deep snow recreational utility sled. It provides the segment’s best ride, handling and control on any terrain, at any speed, loaded with cargo or carrying only a rider.

The 550 INDY® Adventure 155 is a versatile adventure-touring model that now delivers greatly enhanced off-trail performance and deep snow capability. Like the popular 550 INDY Adventure 144, this new 155″ model features the innovative, Polaris-exclusive Adventure Cargo System, and a Lock & Ride® Convertible Passenger Seat that converts the sled between a solo sled and a 2-up machine.

The 2015 INDY lineup includes the unbeatable 1-2 punch of three recreational utility INDY Voyageur™ models, and two versatile INDY Adventure models.

There are seven more INDY models for 2015, including the 800 INDY® SP and 600 INDY SP performance models, and the 120 INDY® model for young riders.

Deep Snow Models Deliver Ultimate Terrain Domination®

Hillclimbers, backcountry riders, and avid mountain riding enthusiasts all achieve Terrain Domination® in winter’s most challenging terrain aboard Polaris deep snow models. These sleds dominate the competition with the ultimate combination of power, strength, light weight, and durability.

Polaris deep snow models completely dominated the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Assn. (RMSHA) circuit in 2013. Polaris racers won 12 RMSHA points titles last season, and won 23 of 24 RMSHA Stock class events. Now that’s Terrain Domination – right from the crate.

2015 Polaris RMK® models beat the competition with innovative, industry-leading technologies such as the QuickDrive® Low Inertia Drive System, carbon fiber overstructure, bonded A-Arms, PowderTrac™ extruded aluminum running boards, and premium Walker Evans® shocks.

There is a 2015 Polaris deep snow model for every rider, including:

  • • PRO-RMK® models engineered for steep mountain slopes, big powder and minimal trail running: 600 PRO-RMK® 155, 800 PRO-RMK 155 and 800 PRO-RMK 163.
  • • RMK models designed for all deep snow terrain, including powder, climbing, singletracking, riding in the trees and on groomed trails: 600 RMK® 144, 600 RMK 155 and 800 RMK 155.
  • • ASSAULT® models for backcountry freeriders who love severe, rough, extreme terrain riding: 800 RMK® ASSAULT® 155, 600 Switchback® ASSAULT® 144 and 800 Switchback ASSAULT 144.

In 2015, Polaris Deep Snow riders have the ultimate opportunity to truly customize their sled, to build it from the ground up for the way they ride. The 2015 SnowCheck Select program features TRUE customization, including the ability to create their customized combination of chassis, suspension, track, color, and tunnel and rail choices. In all, there are more than 20,000 unique combinations of options.

IQ® Models Are Equipped for Work & Play

The 2015 Polaris IQ lineup includes the 600 IQ® LXT, an extremely versatile sled that’s ready for 2-up duty or sporty solo riding. It has an easily adjustable Lock & Ride® Backrest, comfortable seating for one or two, and the smooth-riding IQ® suspension and powerful 600 Cleanfire® engine.

The 600 IQ® WideTrak is equipped to tackle big jobs and deliver great recreational riding. It has the power and wide track to work or play on- and off-trail, and its cargo rack, work light, and underseat storage make it the ideal sled for hauling and towing.


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