ATVAM member comments needed to help Woodtick Wheelers & Duluth ATVers!


The board of directors of the Woodtick Wheelers ATV/OHM Club is asking all ATVAM members to support the Woodtick Wheelers Grant-In-Aid Trail Proposal

Phase I, which it is working on now, is 12 miles long and connects Whipholt to downtown Longville. Phase II will connect Whipholt to downtown Hackensack. Phase III will connect Hackensack to the ATV trails in the Foot Hills State Forest a few miles to the west.

Dave Halsey of the Woodtick Wheelers explains that your comment can be as short as, “I am in favor of the Woodtick Wheelers trail proposal because it’s good for the community.”

Halsey said there are individuals in the Longville/Hackensack area who are against motorized recreation of all kinds. They will be commenting, as will environmental groups outside the area whose only interest is keeping the public off public lands. “Your support is critical, and it will only take a minute to send in a comment,” said Halsey.

If you would like to include a few additional details in your comment, here are a few talking points provided by the Woodtick Wheelers you can choose from, and put in your own words:

  • The proposed trail turns what is now a legal ATV “route” into a managed ATV “trail” that is family-friendly, complete with signing, trail maintenance and a trail map.
  • The proposed route connects the towns of Whipholt and Longville, so families can ride their ATVs from homes, cabins, resorts and motels to the restaurants, stores and businesses, as well as enjoy other recreational opportunities, such as the sandy beach and picnic area on Leech Lake.
  • Provides a local club to serve as the champion of the trail system, its funding and maintenance.
  • Provides funding for administration, signage, maintenance (grading, dust control, approach hardening, etc.) and other expenses along the trail route.
  • Protects natural resources by keeping riders on an approved, clearly signed route, designed to DNR specifications to be environmentally sustainable.

To view the DNR project description and map of the proposed trail route, go to the DNR web site at this link:

Please submit your written comment by email, fax or mail. Be sure to include your name and email or mailing address. The comment period runs throughJanuary 24.

Email comments to:

Fax to: 218-755-4063

Mail to: Dave Schotzko, Area Supervisor, DNR Parks & Trails, 3296 State Park Rd NE, Bemidji, MN 56601

If you have any questions, please call or email Dave Halsey  or 612-723-1987.

On behalf of his board, Halsey said, “Thanks for supporting the Woodtick Wheelers in our effort to create a positive future for OHV recreation in Cass County!”


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