Extreme Sport Makes Debut In The Northland

Duluth, MN- For the first time ever, the Twin Ports will be hosting an International Watercross Association event, The Superior Watercross Shootout!  Racers will be riding snowmobiles on water!  Races will be held at Barker’s Island in Superior, WI, on Saturday August 17th and Sunday August 18th. The event will consist of drag and oval racing, with the final championship races taking place on Sunday afternoon.

Watercross was born over three decades ago in Grantsburg, WI. The goal was to see who could make it 300 feet from an island to the shore. Most failed, yet that did not stop people from continuing to try. Every year, the extreme sport grows in popularity. Today, nearly one hundred registered riders, with participants as young as 14 years old, compete in both drag and oval races. Simple modifications are needed to make an ordinary snowmobile race across the water, such as sealing gaps and removing the oil injection tank.

The International Watercross Association (IWA) is a member owned and operated nonprofit organization that was started in 1988 as a way to promote safe and uniform snowmobile watercross racing. Safety is important to the IWA.  All drivers are required to wear helmets, eye protection and life jackets.

“The excitement that is building in the Superior community because of this event is amazing to see.  We are so thrilled to be a part of it,” quotes Kimberly Carr, Live Events Manager for Townsquare Media Duluth.  “Townsquare Media Duluth has been working hard to create heritage community events that people will look forward to year after year.  We feel that the excitement that surrounds watercross will continue to grow and make this annual event a profitable one for local businesses.”

For more information on the event, pictures, and videos, visit www.superiorwatercross.com.

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