Cobra By PowerMadd Ski-Doo Rev XP Windshields Coming in September

Cobra by PowerMadd is offering 5 new Ski-Doo Rev XP windshield. These shields offer a more agressive contour with the same great coverage as our other XP shields. They also feature our new anti buffit notch. The top of the shield has been cut to break up the wind as it comes over the top of the shield and reduce buffiting.

These shields are not a “pull-off” like the stock shield. You remove your existing shield and base piece (pull it off) and bolt the Cobra shield to your dash using existing holes and the mounting bolts provided with the shield.

These windshields will work with handguards. Fits: ’08 -’14 Rev XP (will not fit XS, XR or XU models)

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