Suzuki Offers $4.8 Million In Racing Contingency

Industry-Leading Support Program Offered for Suzuki Riders

BREA, Calif. March 7, 2013 – American Suzuki is pleased to announce it will be offering $4.8 million in contingency support, covering numerous road racing and motocross series across the contiguous United States. (motocross contingency will offer over $3.7 million, while roadracing will receive over $1 million in support).

Spending this contingency money is simple; when racers earn money with the Suzuki Contingency program they will receive Suzuki Contingency Awards Cards. Money will be added to these cards throughout the year as they compete and win races. Amateur and professional riders can spend their money at any authorized U.S. Suzuki dealership.

The 2013 Suzuki Contingency registration is now active and will be available thru 10/31/2013. A new registration is required each year.

Road Racing contingency information can be found at: <>

Motocross contingency information can be found at: <>

For additional support or for more information, contact Suzuki Contingency at

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