First Look: 2014 Yamahas Unveiled

You can stop rubbing your eyes, that is a Yamaha motor nestled inside an Arctic Cat Pro-Cross chassis. After more than a year of rumors and speculation, the partnership that many said could never happen did. Yamaha and Arctic Cat have entered into a working relationship on select 2014 models, and from first glance, both will be better for it.

Yamaha 2

Dubbed a “mutual supply agreement” by Yamaha brass, the result of two years of mutual development has resulted into the much-vaunted Genesis 3-cylinder engine found nicely nestled into Arctic Cat’s latest chassis. Called the SRV chassis by Yamaha, there is very little different between it and its Arctic Cat counterpart. In fact the list of changes when in tuning-fork trim is a short one and includes ski tip loops, snow flap, center hood cowl plastic, windshield, and perhaps most importantly, Yamaha drive and driven clutching. The brilliant red SR Viper RTX SE is one of five all-new models in the SRV chassis, and is the alpha male of the group.

Yamaha 1Engineers from both camps put in some significant time and forethought in fitting the Genesis 1049 engine into the SRV chassis. The fit looks right and a new air box is the one “new” piece in the mix as the remainder bits and pieces fitted to the motor are direct from Arctic Cat including the closed loop fuel injection system.



yamaha 3Joining the four shorter track (129- and 137-inch) Viper models is a new crossover XTX Viper with a 141-inch rear suspension supporting a tall lug track that has yet to be finalized.

Unlike other Yamaha four-strokes, the exhaust on the new Viper is traditional side exit, thanks in part to serpentine exhaust system the twists and turns under the fuel cell.

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