EVOL – is for Extra Volume

For the consumer/trail rider/mountain rider – Evol upgrades are available for Float and Float 2 shocks – http://www.foxracingshox.com/upgrades.php?m=snow&t=shocks&ref=topnav

Price – $350.00

Everything you need is included in this kit to transform your FLOAT or FLOAT 2 into a FLOAT EVOL, right down to the gold air caps and black and white decals. With our EVOL Upgrade Kit, you gain an extra-plush, bottomless feel ride without altering the ride height or roll stiffness of your sled.

Extra Volume

The infinitely adjustable pressure setting in the extra volume (EVOL) air chamber regulates spring rate in the final portion of the stroke and controls the bottom-out characteristics of the shock.

Increasing air pressure in the EVOL air chamber will give a more progressive spring curve to protect against harsh bottom-outs. Decreasing air pressure will provide a more linear curve to maximize usable travel.

When combined with the infinite adjustability of the main air spring, the EVOL air chamber allows the shock’s spring curve to be tuned for any conceivable rider weight and/or terrain condition. The pressure in the EVOL air chamber is adjusted to control the bottom-out characteristics of the shock. Adjusting this pressure is similar to changing the main spring on a coil over shock.

Progressive Air Spring Curve

Changing EVOL air chamber pressure adjusts the bottom-out resistance of the shock. As the main air chamber pressure is held constant, changes in the EVOL air chamber will alter the final portion of the spring curve.

The EVOL Air Flow Path

The main air chamber and the EVOL air chamber are connected by the port highlighted with a blue dotted line. As the shock is compressed, the main air chamber pressure will increase due to a decrease in volume. Eventually, the pressure in the main air chamber will match the pressure in the EVOL air chamber, at which point the EVOL piston will begin to move.

Levi uses Evols

As a consumer you can simply send your Float or Float 2 shocks to the FOX facility in Baxter, MN to be upgraded by FOX Factory technicians, the same guys that work on the Pros shocks.

An additional cool part of this is you get a free shock service and brand new stickers out of the deal.




Chosen by Chris Burandt too – there’s even a Chris Burandt Back Country Edition



Burandt Upgrade Kit

Developed in the 2009 season for the Arctic Cat M-Series with extensive testing with Chris Burandt, this rear track upgrade kit works on all M-series with stock rear skid (FOX FLOAT Air shock RT / FOX Zero-Pro FT).

The Chris Burandt Backcountry Kit will turn your Arctic Cat M series sled into a mogul soaking, trail taming machine. In addition to the added plush feel on the trail, our special valving will help get your sled on top of the snow with its improved weight transfer characteristics.

“My FOX setup has helped to take my riding to the next level. In fact, the first thing I do on every sled I own is to upgrade to FOX!” —Chris Burandt


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