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The Snow is Coming…

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and so is Friday’s live, online snowmobile chat with wardens!

Wisconsin is under advisories about a major snowstorm expected to usher in some great conditions for winter fun – and that includes snowmobiling. But before you head out this weekend well after the dangerous conditions are over, make a date to join the Friday live, online chat with some conservation wardens about snowmobile safety and regulations. Snowmobile Safety Administrator Gary Eddy, also a warden, will lead the panel of experts who will answer your questions starting at 11:30 a.m. Friday, December 21. All you have to do is go to the Department of Natural Resources home page,, and click on the link to join the chat.  That’s it! If you miss it, no worries. Come back to that home page later and read the transcript. Look for the “Ask the Experts” link on the home page and you’ll find it! It’ll be must reading. Stay safe!

FX Nytro RTX Wins at USXC Pine Lake 200

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At the finish, Lindbom was over a minute and a full mile a head of the nearest competitor.

Yamaha FX Nytro RTX snowmobiles came out of gate fast and furious to start the 2013 cross-country racing season with a win and a pair of top-five finishes in key classes at the inaugural United States X-Country (USXC) Pine Lake 200 in Gonvick, Minnesota on December 15-16.

The 50-mile Semi-Pro Final was held on Sunday, with Ben Lindbom and Jake Muller both qualifying well on their FX Nytros. At the start Lindbom grabbed the holeshot and led the race literally wire to wire, putting more distance between his Yamaha and any pursuers with each lap. At the finish, he was over a minute and a full mile a head of the nearest competitor. Meanwhile, Muller likewise had a great race going, charging up to third place and looking set for a podium finish in his first full season in cross-country racing for Yamaha. But a minor chassis issue scuttled his plans on the final lap and a potential 1-2 Yamaha finish.

Race distance for Saturday’s Pro Open Final was a grueling 103 miles on the Pine Lake ice surface. And just as in Sunday’s events, it was heads-up competition with each row of competitors launching simultaneously. Yamaha Factory Racing’s Ross Erdman ran as high as fourth in the early going, with newcomer Wadena in fifth and Lindbom (Semi Pro drivers are allowed to race two Pro races to gauge talent) charging behind them from a second-row start. But the Yamaha teammates’ race order turned upside down at about one-third distance as Erdman had a minor crash, dropping downfield to ultimately finish seventh. That left Wadena and Lindbom to chase the leaders on their FX Nytros, with both riding strongly to claim top-five finishes in the fastest race on the 2013 USXC calendar.

“This weekend proved how fast our sleds really are at 112 mph – the FX Nytro RTX was definitely the fastest buggy out there” said Yamaha Factory Racing’s Eric Josephsen. Josephsen also recognized Brian Strawsell, Yamaha’s snowmobile racing technical coordinator, for all of his efforts on behalf of the team. “Brian has been the driving force behind the FX Nytro on the track since we brought it out in 2008 – we simply couldn’t do it all without him.” Josephsen noted.

Yamaha snowmobile racing videos can be found on YouTube at

Team Arctic Crushes USXC Cross-Country Opener

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Pro Class Podium Sweep and 16 Class Victories

Pro champion Ryan Simons won both the 100-mile Pro Stock and 100-mile Pro Open finals.

Thief River Falls, Minn. (Dec. 18, 2012) – At the first cross-country race of the 2012-2013 USXC season, aboard the all-new Sno Pro 600 ProCross and Sno Pro 500 race machines, Team Arctic racers delivered an overwhelmingly-dominant performance that rewrote the record books. When it was over, Team Green captured 16 of 20 classes via 14 individual winners at the Gerald Dyrdahl Memorial Pine Lake 200.

Leading the history-making assault was two-time cross-country Pro champion Ryan Simons of the Christian Bros. Racing (CBR) team, who won both the 100-mile Pro Stock and 100-mile Pro Open finals convincingly. Joining Simons on the podium of both finals were his Team Arctic/CBR teammates Brian Dick and newcomer Zach Herfindahl. Including the Pro classes, there were 13 podium sweeps by Team Arctic, making this one of the most successful racing weekends in modern history.

“We’ve enjoyed outstanding success in cross-country over the years but this reset the high mark for winning,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “It shows what’s possible when you combine the outstanding efforts of our racers and crews with the speed and handling of our Sno Pro race sleds.”

Team Arctic racer Brian Dick

Team Arctic racer Zach Herfindahl

Joining Simons as a two-time class winner at Pine Lake was Bryce Buchanan, who returned to his familiar place atop the Expert 85 classes aboard his Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500. Nearly nailing the big double, Erik Nymann went 1-2 in the two Sport 600 finals, while Jon Arneson raced a record number of laps en route to his first in Semi Pro Stock, third in Masters 40-plus and fourth in Expert 85.

“The improvements to the 2013 Sno Pro 600 in the ProCross chassis gave us an even greater handling and speed advantage on the fast lake course,” said Kloety. “Of the 14 individual class winners aboard Arctic Cat sleds, six of them were on the new Sno Pro 600.”

The next race on the USXC cross-country circuit is Jan. 5, 2013, in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

(Photos by

Team Arctic Results from USXC Cross-Country #1 at Pine Lake (Gonvick, Minn.)

Pro 600: 1. Ryan Simons, 2. Zach Herfindahl; 3. Brian Dick

Pro Open: 1. Ryan Simons; 2. Brian Dick 3. Zach Herfindahl

Semi Pro: 1. Jon Arneson; 3. Tyler Johnsrud

Semi Pro Improved: 2. Tyler Johnsrud

Expert 85: 1. Bryce Buchanan; 2. Lance Efteland; 3. Nathan Lindom

Expert 85 Improved: 1. Bryce Buchanan; 2. Michael Isaak; 3. Benjamin Langaas

Women’s: 1. Jolene Bute; 3. Anne Pladson

Masters 40-Plus: 3. Jon Arneson

Masters 50-Plus: 2. Brian Perreault; 3. Dan Fischer

Sport 85: 1. Kevin Tinjum: 2. David Wandschneider; 3. Marty Feil

Sport 600 Stock: 1. Garrett Johnson; 2. Erik Nymann; 3. Brandon Brodehl

Sport 600 Improved: 1. Erik Nymann: 2. Boris Mahlich: 3. Marty Feil

Trail: 3. Brian Perreault

Vintage: 1. Jesse Watland; 2. James Mattison; 3. Karl Valtinson

Vintage 50-Plus: 1. Gary Tintes; 2. Terry Wagoner

Classic IFS 18-50: 1. Matt Schaumburg; 2. Tom Kallock

Junior 10-13: 1. Ean Voigt; 2. Thomas Junglen; 3. John Langaas

Junior 14-17: 1. Cole Lian; 2. Hunter Houle; 3. Nels Eide

Jr. Girls 10-15: 1. Sara Larson; 2. Marissa Kallock; 3. Mayce Brodehl

Jr. Girls 16-17: 1. Callie Slominski; 2. Kelsey Pladson


Christian Brothers Racing Sweeps Pro Podiums At USXC Cross-Country Opener

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14 podiums, 7 wins in one weekend for CBR

Fertile, Minn. (December 18, 2012) – Riding a sled he had only seen just days before the race, Christian Brothers Racing/Stud Boy/DRIFT Racing/Troy Lee Designs rider and reigning Pro 600 class points champion Ryan Simons swept the Pro class wins at the USXC cross-country snowmobile racing opener at Pine Lake in Gonvick, Minn., this past December 15-16. Not only did Simons take both the Pro 600 and Pro Open class wins, he was joined on the podium by teammates Brian Dick and Zach Herfindahl making it a Christian Brothers podium sweep on the weekend.

Making a departure from the timed cross-country events of recent years, USXC staged heads-up racing at Pine Lake and Pro riders had to qualify for the 10-lap, 100-mile Pro Open and Pro 600 finals on Saturday and Sunday through two heats. Simons, Dick and Herfindahl breezed through qualifiers but reigning Pro Open points champion D.J. Ekre ran into mechanical problems both days and didn’t qualify for finals. The CBR riders were clearly the ones to beat on the lake and Dick had one of the fastest sleds on the weekend, posting 110MPH on radar.

“I didn’t know what to expect coming into this race,” said Simons. “We just got the sleds together a couple days ago and tested here Thursday and Friday. I don’t know, I guess the Arctic Cat’s are just that good!”

In Saturday’s Pro Open final Simons slotted his Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 into second place behind a mod sled of another brand. Simons was slowly losing ground to the dedicated ice sled before it broke down and he took the lead and rode to the win followed by teammates Dick and Herfindahl.

Simons carried his momentum into Sunday’s Pro 600 race where he once again set the pace, grabbing the holeshot in the final and claiming an early lead in the 100-mile race. And, once again, Simons was backed up by his teammates Herfindahl and Dick on the podium.

Meanwhile, CBR riders Tyler Adams, Trent Wittwer and Evan Christian were winning races at the ISOC Regional race held at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minn. Wittwer swept Junior Novice 10-13 Combined and Junior Novice Limited 10-13, winning finals in each class both days. Christian won Transition Limited 8-12 on Sunday and took second place on Saturday and two seconds in Transition Combined 8-12 on the weekend. Tyler Adams took a hard-fought 8th place finish in Pro Lite on Saturday.

“It doesn’t get any better for Christian Brothers Racing,” said team co-owner Dwight Christian. “Sweeping the Pro classes at Pine Lake and our young riders winning all weekend at ERX – that’s a good weekend!”

USXC Gerald Dyrdahl Memorial Pine Lake 200

Pro 600: (1) Ryan Simons; (2) Zach Herfindahl; (3) Brian Dick

Pro Open: (1) Ryan Simons; (2) Brian Dick; (3)Zach Herfindahl

ISOC ERX #1 Regional

Pro Lite Saturday: (1) Tyler Adams;

Transition Combined 8-12 Saturday: (1) Evan Christian

Transition Combined 8-12 Sunday: (1) Evan Christian

Transition Limited 8-12 Saturday: (1) Evan Christian

Transition Limited 8-12 Sunday: (1) Evan Christian

Junior Novice Combined 10-13 Saturday: (1) Trent Wittwer

Junior Novice Combined 10-13 Sunday: (1) Trent Wittwer

Junior Novice Limited 10-13 Saturday: (1) Trent Wittwer

Junior Novice Limited 10-13 Sunday: (1) Trent Wittwer

For more information on Christian Brothers Racing visit

Up Next
Canterbury Snocross, January 4-5, Shakopee, MN,
J&K Marine Beach Bar 200, January 5, Detroit Lakes, MN,
Willmar Area Lakes 100, January 12, Willma

EVOL – is for Extra Volume

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For the consumer/trail rider/mountain rider – Evol upgrades are available for Float and Float 2 shocks –

Price – $350.00

Everything you need is included in this kit to transform your FLOAT or FLOAT 2 into a FLOAT EVOL, right down to the gold air caps and black and white decals. With our EVOL Upgrade Kit, you gain an extra-plush, bottomless feel ride without altering the ride height or roll stiffness of your sled.

Extra Volume

The infinitely adjustable pressure setting in the extra volume (EVOL) air chamber regulates spring rate in the final portion of the stroke and controls the bottom-out characteristics of the shock.

Increasing air pressure in the EVOL air chamber will give a more progressive spring curve to protect against harsh bottom-outs. Decreasing air pressure will provide a more linear curve to maximize usable travel.

When combined with the infinite adjustability of the main air spring, the EVOL air chamber allows the shock’s spring curve to be tuned for any conceivable rider weight and/or terrain condition. The pressure in the EVOL air chamber is adjusted to control the bottom-out characteristics of the shock. Adjusting this pressure is similar to changing the main spring on a coil over shock.

Progressive Air Spring Curve

Changing EVOL air chamber pressure adjusts the bottom-out resistance of the shock. As the main air chamber pressure is held constant, changes in the EVOL air chamber will alter the final portion of the spring curve.

The EVOL Air Flow Path

The main air chamber and the EVOL air chamber are connected by the port highlighted with a blue dotted line. As the shock is compressed, the main air chamber pressure will increase due to a decrease in volume. Eventually, the pressure in the main air chamber will match the pressure in the EVOL air chamber, at which point the EVOL piston will begin to move.

Levi uses Evols

As a consumer you can simply send your Float or Float 2 shocks to the FOX facility in Baxter, MN to be upgraded by FOX Factory technicians, the same guys that work on the Pros shocks.

An additional cool part of this is you get a free shock service and brand new stickers out of the deal.




Chosen by Chris Burandt too – there’s even a Chris Burandt Back Country Edition



Burandt Upgrade Kit

Developed in the 2009 season for the Arctic Cat M-Series with extensive testing with Chris Burandt, this rear track upgrade kit works on all M-series with stock rear skid (FOX FLOAT Air shock RT / FOX Zero-Pro FT).

The Chris Burandt Backcountry Kit will turn your Arctic Cat M series sled into a mogul soaking, trail taming machine. In addition to the added plush feel on the trail, our special valving will help get your sled on top of the snow with its improved weight transfer characteristics.

“My FOX setup has helped to take my riding to the next level. In fact, the first thing I do on every sled I own is to upgrade to FOX!” —Chris Burandt