BRP Introduces Ski-Doo X-Team Racing Plans

North Branch, MN. – BRP’s Ski-Doo snowmobile division has finalized its racing plans for the 2012/2013 winter with emphasis on snocross plus an increased cross country and ice oval endurance presence. These will compliment mainstay efforts in hill-climb, grass drags and sprint ovals as the Ski-Doo X-Team looks to better last year’s stellar season.

Last season proved very successful for Ski-Doo snowmobiles with X-Team racer Tim Tremblay grabbing the coveted top spot in ISOC’s professional snocross series. He also took the Eagle River Snocross World Championship and he’ll be back with a laser focus on defending those championships. Cross country racing proved just as prosperous when Dusty Van Meter and Mark McKenna brought home the Iron Dog win while Steve Girard and Jean-Guy AuCoin captured another Cains Quest victory – adding to the already legendary REV-X platform reputation. Look for the X-team to continue its domination in terrain racing, both snocross and cross-country, in 2013.

“Snocross continues to be the most visible and exposed form of snowmobile racing and for good reason with the high flying, close quarters action” stated Denis Morin vice president of Engineering BRP Inc. “Because we have a philosophy of racing what we sell, and cross-country emulates trail use -at a much accelerated pace – this is also another natural development tool. Consequently we will gradually increase our involvement there, while continuing in other forms of racing too.”

But terrain racing isn’t only place the boys in yellow will be seen. The Ski-Doo X-Team will be represented in all racing disciplines with top racers and teams capable of winning at every event and supported with technical help and parts supplied from the Valcourt Race Shop.

A partial list of racers and teams is below.

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ISOC National Series Scheuring Speedsports: Tim Tremblay, Robbie Malinoski, Darrin Mees Warnert Racing: Emil Ohman, Adam Renheim, Travis Muller BOSS Racing: Petter Narsa, Renaud Alexandre, Corey Watkinson Team Bauerly: Paul Bauerly, John Stenberg, Chad Bauerly, Chase Rosemeyer Stud Boy Racing: Zach Pattyn, Nick Pattyn Royal Distributing/Hall Racing: Dylan Hall, Dave Joanis, Goodwin Performance: Brett Nastala, Eddie Neubauer Independents: Willie Elam, Camryn Anderson, Corbin Anderson, Kyle Anderson, Preston Cowing, Spencer Cowing, Jacob Geeseman, Kevin Wallenstein

CSRA National Series FR Racing: Joey Sagan, Christian Huber, London Recreation: Ric Wilson, Devin Wilson, Benjamin Vrij Independents: Jeremy VanDolder, Robbie Gavel, Tom Bachly

ECS Series Team Damexco: Mathieu Morin, Luc Brunelle, Adam Sedlmeier daSilva Racing: Jake Dasilva, Conner Roscoe Lemieux Racing: Lincoln Lemieux, Brent Royea, Stephanie Lemieux-Bell Ingles Performance: Michael George, Chris Ackerman, Leo Patenaude, Hunter Patenaude, Jesse Bonaduce

SCMX Series

Dave Allard, Dave Asselin, Donavan Asselin, Patrick Brodeur, Jason Cote, Michael Ouellette, Maxime Taillefer, Luc Villeneuve, Jonathan Lebel, Franky

Cross Country

Iron Dog: Dusty Vanmeter, Marc McKennea, Tyler Ackelstad, Aaron Bartel, Chad Gueco, Tyson Johnson, Jason Wichman, Robbie Muir, Aaron Loyer, Jeremiah Jones
USXC: Justin Tate, Corey Grant, Nick Rohl, Sam Vandeputte, Cale Anseeuw

Grass Drag

Mike Golaski, Manuel

Asphalt Drag

Ron Bray


RMSHA -Scott Cheeny, Carson Ellingford, Colton Ellingford, Milo Fear, Justin Jacobson, Carl Kuster, Steve Martin, Tom Roby, Mark Thompson, Scott Thompson, Calvin Felker, Brad Sharp, David Sharp, David Sharp Jr., Mike Anderson, Dane Wilson, Josh

Ice Oval Endurance


Ice Oval Sprint

Jacques Villeneuve, Malcom Chartier, Dan Fenhaus, Ryan Kniskern, Travis McDonald, Matt Schulz, Nick Lagoy

Water X

Chad Maki

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