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New Snowmobile Safety and Access Information Center Created by ACSA

Posted on September 28th, 2012 in Sledder Featured Article, Sledder News went online September 21 as “your best resource for snowmobile safety and access information.” This new website hosts the Snowmobile Safety and Access Information Center and provides a one-stop resource for individuals, snowmobile clubs and organizations, snowmobiling management agencies, and private and public land managers. It includes a calendar of state and national training opportunities, resources for snowmobile safety education, snowmobiling access, and information sharing opportunities.

“The American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) is extremely dedicated to promoting safe and responsible snowmobiling, along with our work to preserve snowmobiling access across the country,” stated ACSA Executive Director Christine Jourdain. “We are excited to present this new Information Center. It should be a tremendous resource for individual snowmobilers as well as clubs, associations and agencies in their work with snowmobiling at the state and local levels,” she said. was developed by ACSA, Trails Work Consulting and All Seasons Communications in fulfillment of a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) that supports snowmobile safety and access training and product development. Financial assistance for development and operation of the Information Center is provided by FHWA through the Recreational Trails Program.

“While some of this information has existed elsewhere in bits and pieces, this is the first time everything has been brought together under one umbrella. It is also the first time much of it has been made available electronically,” Jourdain said. The Information Center has four main sections that include:

Training Calendar: Locate training, workshops and events nationwide or by state related to snowmobile safety and access topics. The calendar provides state, location, dates, topics and registration information.

Safety Resources: Access a directory of state and national avalanche and snowmobile safety education providers, along with the most comprehensive collection of online and downloadable snowmobile safety education resources and training materials.

Access Resources: View a comprehensive collection of downloadable and online access resources that provides tools to help establish and retain access for snowmobiling. An online library of research studies related to snowmobiling impacts is also provided.

Information Sharing: Share information or solicit technical assistance about educational material sources, curriculum development information, or answers to general questions; also find contact information for state snowmobile programs and associations.

While every effort has been made to include as much information as possible in the website’s initial launch, it will remain a work in progress and additional resources and training opportunities will continue to be added as they are identified or developed. Visit the site at or e-mail to submit local training classes or suggest other resource materials.

Light Up Your Night with Auxiliary Lighting from BRP

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Valcourt, QC – BRP brings yet another industry first to the snowmobile market with integrated auxiliary lighting for brighter night vision. Using ten LED lamps, the auxiliary lighting kit provides for 2100 extra lumens to light up the trail in front of riders. The unparalleled brilliance is delivered in a super-wide fog light type pattern increasing the field of light.

Auxiliary Light Kit $299.99 USD/$344.99CAD

 The kit is a true plug and play system on Ski-Doo REV-XS and REV-XM platform snowmobiles which are pre-wired to accept the lights. The attachment below the stock headlight is secure and delivers a smooth, naturally integrated look. The switch provided allows for OFF or ON WITH HIGH BEAM settings so riders can easily switch to extra light without removing their hand while riding. In addition, the benefit of using LED’s bring low maintenance, low power requirements, long life and great illumination to the package.

For information on all the genuine BRP accessories to fit your ride visit or your local Ski-Doo dealer.

Win a Dream Sled Makeover in the 2013 Sled-X Contest

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For the third year in a row, Sledhead 24-7 and Speedwerx are holding another creative and exciting snowmobile build that directly involves snowmobile fans and enthusiasts. The contest winner is involved from the beginning stages to the end result, allowing their personality and story to unfold.

On September 8-9 at the Haydays Grass Drags, Speedwerx had a camera booth where Arctic Cat fans could tell why they should be chosen for Sled-X. Individuals also have the opportunity to submit their own videos for judging. The deadline for casting a 30 second video will be October 1st.

How to Enter

Contestants will submit a 30 second video of themselves telling us why they deserve to have their Arctic Cat tricked out by Speedwerx. This video must be placed on the SledHead 24-7 Facebook page.


1. Contestants must have any current 2012 or 2013 Arctic Cat snowmobile.

2. A 30 second video of yourself telling why you should win the Sled-X contest.

3. Post your video on the SledHead 24-7 Facebook Page using Youtube or a similar site.

For more information, visit

Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Deliver Good Ol’ Fashioned Butt Whoopin’ at Haydays

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ProCross XF Chassis and 800 and 1100 Turbo Engines Define Dominance

Thief River Falls, Minn. – The official kickoff to winter took place September 8-9 at the 46th annual Haydays Grass Drags in North Branch, Minnesota. and Arctic Cat consumers were given plenty to brag about.

If there ever was a doubt as to which manufacturer has the World’s Fastest Snowmobiles, Arctic Cat proved it on the race track. The majority of all class finals paired Cat against Cat across four lanes of the track.

Team Arctic drag race coordinator, Al Shimpa said, “Team Arctic racers definitely gave Cat fans something to brag about this weekend. We blew by the competition like they were standing still. It was the text book definition of domination and something we are truly proud of!”

One of the most exciting class finals took place in Stock 1000 when four 2013 ProCross XF800s crossed the finish line so close, that the results had to be decided via the timing light system. After examination, a first place tie resulted between Matt Lemire and Jeff Marks. Shimpa said, “Winners are crowned as a result of adding together their Reaction Time and their Elapsed Time (RT+ET=Result). A tie for first place rarely happens; this was truly spectacular!”

(Results posted below with MAKE – RT – MPH – ET – MODEL )

Stock 500

1st: Matt Lemire – Arctic Cat – 0 .489 – 82.52 – 5.93  – 2003 440 Sno Pro

Stock 700

1st: Jade Gilland – Arctic Cat – 0.486 – 89.48 – 5.41 – 2003 F7

2nd: Jamie Edwards – Arctic Cat – 0.490 – 92.32 – 5.45 – 2003 F7

3rd: Team 61 – Arctic Cat – 0 .517 – 84.41 – 5.47

4th: Scott Kostman – Arctic Cat – 0.496 – 92.05 – 5.52

Stock 800

1st: Matt Lemire – Arctic Cat – 0.492 – 91.35 – 5.36 – 2013 XF 800

2nd: Jeff Marks – Arctic Cat – 0.475 – 106.04 – 5.41 – 2013 XF 800

3rd: Craig Wyent – Arctic Cat – 0.489 – 91.73  – 5.46 – 2013 XF 800

4th: Jamie Edwards – Arctic Cat – 0.537 – 91.86  – 5.45 – 2003 F7

Stock 1000

1st: Matt Lemire (Tie) – Arctic Cat – 0.519 – 93.72 – 5.313 –  2013 XF 800

1st: Jeff Marks (Tie) – Arctic Cat – 0.441 – 96.96 – 5.391 –  2013 XF 800

3rd: Craig Wyent – Arctic Cat – 0.520 – 92.36 – 5.41 – 2013 XF 800

4th: Ron Gilland – Arctic Cat – 0.558 – 105.01 – 5.60 – 2013 XF 800

Improved Stock Turbo

1st: Kyle Shilts – Arctic Cat – 0.578 – 112.12 – 4.65 – 2013 XF 1100 Turbo

2nd: Kevin Alread – Arctic Cat – 0.481 – 107.90 – 4.81 – 2013 XF 1100 Turbo

3rd: Dale Roes – Arctic Cat – 0.552 – 103.34 – 4.76 – 2013 XF 1100 Turbo

4th: Jesse Wilson – Arctic Cat – 0.586 – 46.87 – 6.20 – 2013 XF 1100 Turbo

Polaris® Teams With Hillclimb Champion and Terrain Dominator Keith Curtis for Competition Sponsorship & Creation of Signature Products

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MEDINA, MN – Snowmobile hillclimb champion Keith Curtis will join backcountry riding expert Chris Burandt in developing a signature line of specialized, premium-quality snowmobile apparel and gear for Polaris. Curtis, who will be sponsored by Polaris as he competes in Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association events this coming winter, will develop his signature line of snowmobile apparel and gear during the coming winter, and it will be available to riders for the winter of 2013-2014.

A Chris Burandt Collection of accessories and goggles is available now at Polaris snowmobile dealers and Additional products are being developed to expand the Burandt line for the winter of 2013-2014.

Polaris Partners With Keith Curtis

Curtis and Polaris have entered into a partnership in which Polaris apparel, accessories, and oil will sponsor Curtis and his KC 711 Racing team, and Curtis will work with Polaris product developers to create a signature line of apparel and gear that enhance riders’ snowmobiling experience.

“Polaris is a brand known for premium quality, high-performance gear, and it’s fitting that we partner with a champion of the stature of Keith Curtis to expand our product offerings,” said Pure Polaris Vice President Steve Eastman. “We look forward to backing Keith as he pursues additional championships, and are excited to have him join Chris Burandt in developing a signature line of premium gear.”

Curtis approaches the upcoming Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association (RMSHA) season with high hopes for another outstanding winter. Last season he won RMSHA season points titles in Pro 600 Stock, Pro 800 Stock, Pro 1000 Stock, and Pro 800 Modified. He finished second in Pro 800 Improved Stock points and was the circuit’s Stock King of the Hill at every event. Since Curtis has joined the RMSHA and become a factory Polaris rider he has amassed 90 wins, 27 King of the Hill titles, and 20 year-end points championships.

At the 2012 Jackson Hole World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb, the sport’s premier event, Curtis won three class titles and the Stock King of the Hill title.

As Curtis rides, practices and competes this winter, he will be developing a signature line of apparel and gear that will provide riders and racers with the best in performance, durability and reliability. The Polaris Keith Curtis Signature Collection will be introduced in the spring of 2013 and available at dealerships and online in the fall.

Chris Burandt Collection to Expand

Last winter Pure Polaris introduced the Chris Burandt Collection of gear that was developed, tested, and approved by the backcountry riding master. The Burandt Collection includes accessories and goggles for Polaris snowmobiles and riders.

The collection features innovative, premium-quality accessories for avid mountain riders. The Burandt Lock & Ride® Tunnel Bag by OGIO® can be installed and removed in seconds without tools, and Burandt HD PowderTrac Running Boards provide a rider with strong, lightweight boards that evacuate snow instantly. The Burandt Signature Windshield and colorful Burandt Signature Wraps by Arctic FX infuse a sled with extra style, and the Burandt Hand Saw is a handy, efficient accessory for backcountry riders.

As Burandt spends countless hours riding in the backcountry, filming extreme riding videos and leading riders on his Chris Burandt Backcountry Tours in Colorado, he will continue developing new products for his signature collection. Additional products will be introduced in the spring of 2013 and available in the fall.