Fun Triumphs in Silver Bay, Minnesota


Although there were 1,060 ATVs present, it was still short of the 1,871 needed to break the record.

The ATVAM World’s Longest ATV Parade may not have set a record, but it scored a victory over the elements. Just days before more than 1,000 ATVs and UTVS showed up in Silver Bay, members of the Silver Trail Riders had the heavy equipment out. They were working to repair trail – including some inclines along the designated parade route – that had washed out in heavy rains.

The second battle was to convince attendees that main roads were open through Duluth, even with devastating flood waters in sight of Highway 35 just south of town.

There was never a thought of cancellation, said organizer Les Schermerhorn. “We couldn’t do that to our sponsors,” she said. “It had to go rain or shine. That’s with any outdoor event. You hope it ends up okay, and it did end up okay.”

The parade had 1,060 ATVs, which was not the 1,871 needed to snatch the record back from Utah. The parade was actually longer than 1,060 machines, but only ATVs counted toward the record; side-by-sides were welcome, but not a part of the tally.

While the record was the driving factor in gathering people for the parade, the most important part was that people had fun, Schermerhorn said. “People like getting together,” she said. “I think that if you talk to anyone, they’ll say that was the highlight.”

Riders came in from…


North Dakota

New York



South Dakota

Ontario (Canada)

Rowanda (Africa)

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